5 Stretches for Shoulder Tightness/Pain or Twinges

Do you have or ever had that persistent nagging or occasional twinging pain in your shoulder that seems like it just won’t go away? This pain can be in the front or top of the shoulder or near the shoulder blade.

Often times it can be a referral pain from chest or upper back (lats) muscle tightness.

Sitting hunkered over a computer, doing lots of driving, your sleeping position or simply having chronic bad posture could be the root of the pain pattern.

Massage therapy would be a great combination with the stretches below. A massage therapist can warm these muscles up followed by a stretch. This can put your muscles in the ready position to be stretched/lengthened as you begin this stretching program for 6 weeks. Remember that Energy Fitness has Mae Jensen, LMT (licensed massage therapist) and she can do KT taping as well to help alleviate pain and tightness. Just be consistent whatever you do and be mindful of your posture.

Try the 5 stretches below 1-2 times per day
hold each one for 20-60 seconds or longer if helpful.

Breathing is key for these stretches as you want to open up the diaphragm and help the ribs go wide when breathing as well as being sure to exhale all your air so the ribs under the chest don’t stay in the “flared upwards” position.


This stretch addresses the biceps and the position of the arm in the shoulder socket.

with our without ball
with our without yoga block

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  • Terry Clevenger

    I can personally can attest the Mae is AWESOME! I have many odd joint and muscle issues and have been they lots of PT (stretches, exercises) and deep tissue muscle/fascia work — trust me she knows how to help you!

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