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June 19, 2017

Many clients at Energy Fitness, a personal training studio located Downtown Memphis, come to us with a list of previous injuries, current injuries, or illnesses and we design workout and nutrition programs to help get them get back to optimal health.

In this article we share two such cases with the aim to inspire you & have you question your excuses not to exercise or follow through on your healthier eating. See why clients like to refer to Energy Fitness as a being a functional health and wellness leader in the Memphis area.

Adam Cruthirds, which we met through training his mother Connie, was undergoing chemo treatments, finishing his Senior year in High School and then completed his Freshman year at Rhodes 2016-2017.

Chemo treatments made him weak as well as some new medicine gave him some brain fog which made it difficult to concentrate in college. Test taking was difficult due to the medicine affecting his memory. His cancer (Leukemia) started and was fed by a supplement which seemed innocent–folic acid.

Adam, during his last few months of chemo, starting weight training with us even on days in which he felt weak or stayed up late studying. We would hear some of the excuses a few other clients would give us as to why they couldn’t make their workout and think that their excuse was just not up to snuff as they weren’t battling cancer. We are so proud of Adam & his brain telling him to keep going…eat healthy…get gentle exercise.

Below is what his mom wrote at my request
as well as a quote from him:

“A year ago, during the toughest time of my life, I discovered Energy Fitness. We moved downtown to be closer to St. Jude when my son had 18 months left of 2 and 1/2 years of almost daily chemo treatment. My body was exhausted and just a few steps left me out of breath and a bit hopeless physically. I feel so much stronger, but what I never expected from this gym was the community of folks there becoming friends and supporters of our family. Many members have joined “Adam’s Army” St. Jude Marathon and Bike Teams to support Adam and St. Jude.

Lisa Sanchez-Sullivan now trains Adam 3 days a week to help him rebuild his body post-treatment. And owner and nutritionist, Tonya Tittle, took on the challenge of helping find a protein powder without ingredients that could cause issues for Adam’s health in the long run. We had nutritionists all over the southeast looking for the right formula which was not to be found until Tonya decided to design a new protein powder tailored just for Adam’s needs! Adam is 19 and just finished his freshman year at Rhodes. It wasn’t that long ago that his body at 6 ft tall only weighed 100 lbs. Both of his hips have been rebuilt due to steroid damage, but last week he ran his first 5k without stopping. Lisa is helping him prepare to run the 1/2 marathon during the St, Jude Marathon on Dec. 2. We are so thankful for Energy Fitness. When Adam returns to St. Jude for his next remission check on June 21, St. Jude will be very surprised to see how well and strong he is now in great part thanks to the specialized teamwork of Lisa and Tonya and the support of the people who workout along side of Adam.”

Energy Fitness was the only one on his team of health professionals to find him a protein shake that did not contain methionine (a form of folic acid which he needs to avoid post chemo). This was not an easy task. He is happily putting on weight and says the protein shakes taste like dessert.

“Chemo the night before & studying late into the day can’t keep me from waking up early and getting stronger with Lisa and Energy Fitness. The way y’all meet my needs effortlessly is so awesome!” Adam Cruthirds

 Michele Squires’ mental fortitude to return to good health & retain vibrant energy is inspiring.

Michele made me cry when we were filming her testimonial video above as her story is one of strength and courage. She is introspective and just has a “get it done” attitude by not accepting traditional doctors telling her not to workout. She now runs races and is kicking aging on its butt.

As my own boss I don’t get written performance reviews, but consider client success stories a much better version as they are life changing and the whole reason I entered the functional health and wellness arena and the reason that Energy Fitness personal trainers have continued to serve Memphis area residents for 15 years and counting.

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June 14, 2017

Jennifer Jordan is a golf instructor in the Memphis area and has partnered with & (me) Tonya Tittle, owner of Energy Fitness (an award-winning personal training studio), golf conditioning specialist and golf enthusiast.
We wanted to share Jennifer’s knowledge and experience to improve how you hit a 35-40 yard approaching pitch shot to the green. For those of you new to golf or have an interest a pitch shot is an abbreviated full swing.

As you watch the video below and see her stand on one leg you can see why balance training and why working with a stability ball can help you improve your fitness and golf game. Below the video I include a few exercises and stretches to help you specific to this shot as well as general fitness and the rest of your golf game.


Steal these moves!

1 Leg squat – touch the floor (beginners you may want to hold onto something stable with 1 hand).
Try 10-12 reps for 2 sets twice a week. Make sure your knee does not go over your toe. Push from your heel and squeeze your butt on way back up to starting position.

1 Leg Heel pushes for hamstring strength and core balance. Can be performed with or without weight on hip. Beginners may need both feet on ball. Try 15-50 (that’s right I said 50) reps. for 1-2 sets with 2 sets being optimal. Caution this exercise often causes the hamstrings or calves to cramp in some people. If you haven’t done this exercise before be aware that the post workout soreness can sneak up on you.

Stability ball – legs up wall with upper body rotation
If feeling stable do as pictured with both legs up the wall. If a little or a lot nervous that you are going to bust it and go tumbling off the ball then try this with 1 leg on the ground and maybe even reaching for the ground with the other hand as you rotate to one side. To properly keep the abs/core engaged remember to tilt your pelvis/hips up towards your chest as you perform the exercise. Try 10-25 reps each side depending on your skill level.

Flexibility – Chair twist
Hold for 30 seconds to 3 minutes each direction depending on your tightness in this position. Be sure to sit up as tall as possible. Each time you exhale you should be able to inch a little further and settle into the stretch.

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June 2, 2017

Why is lymphatic detoxing and drainage so important &
how does Energy Fitness fit into all this?

Quiz 1: How toxic are you? Click here for a very detailed Metagenics questionnaire & 10 day plan

Quiz 2: Do you have any or all of these symptoms? Sore or stiff muscles, itchy skin, bloating, water retention, fatigue, weight gain, extra belly fat, brain fog, dry skin, rashes, mild headaches, allergies, or low immunity?

How did you score on the quizzes? Insightful? Did you know that the lymphatic system is like the body’s sewer system, getting rid of toxic waste and build up?

3 main roles of lymph system:

  1. Major support to the immune system
  2. Maintenance of fluid balance
  3. Absorption of fat and fat soluble nutrients and vitamins

Like a sewer system, sometimes the lymph nodes can get clogged or backed up by stress, iodine deficiency, restrictive clothing, digestive imbalances, chemical compounds, and pollutants from plastics, pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, medications, and other sources are released into the environment and cause your fat cells to swell.

Fat cells that are toxic can release toxins into the blood stream through sweating, exercise, and stress relieving activities. Released impurities end up in the lymph system, and build up causing swelling & other symptoms in quiz 2 above.

Low immunity is a big deal, being that the immune system fights against viruses and bacteria, and the lymph, when backed up, becomes full of toxins, making it easier to get and stay sick. Lymph nodes, or the filtering stations, are all over the body. The highest concentrations are in the armpit and groin area. Massaging these areas, in the direction of the heart, will help to clear and prevent blockages and build up.

Through nutrition, massage and now Energy Fitness offering M’lis Contouring wraps, we can help you build up your immune system and rid the body of cancer-causing toxic waste. We love the Metagenics 10 day program and always felt like we needed another option for those who won’t commit to the 10 day regimen.

Using Niacin, the Contour wraps help clean up and fortify your lymph system. Niacin causes blood vessels to expand and capillaries to become more flexible and elastic, allowing more toxins to be filtered through the liver safer and faster, resulting in better blood flow and circulation and making it easier to lose inches and keep off unwanted pounds.

Layman’s terms: During the wrap, the toxins melt like wax into your skin and into your lymphatic system to be carried out through urine and sweat.

Common question:  How long does the wrap result work? Everyone builds toxins at a different rate so the answer is “it varies for each individual” and works best combined with the M’lis Heat (pre-exercise gel) & M’lis Maintain Cream.

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