Our Mission is to Inspire Optimal Health & Wellness through: Empowerment, Education, Coaching, and Training in a safe and Non-Intimidating Atmosphere.

Tonya Tittle – Owner/Director of Training

Tonya holds a masters degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in Exercise Science. She is an ACSM-certified personal trainer with over 23 years experience in the fitness industry.


Lisa Sanchez – Certified Personal Trainer

Lisa Sanchez graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in Theatre Arts. Coming from a dance background, she became certified as an aerobic instructor and a personal trainer.

Jennifer Medeiros – Certified Personal Trainer / Admin. Assistant

Jennifer loves to know the “why” behind any transformation so she can better help her clients reach the goals that are important to them!

Travis Carrier- Hypnotherapist, Healing Arts Practitioner

Travis is a Hypnotherapist with much experience bringing each person home to their true self. Travis is also specializing in regression therapy, spiritual healing, meditation and constellation work (family and spiritual).  Travis grew up in Memphis, TN and went to New York City area 12 years ago. He returns every 6-8 weeks for sessions by appointment or workshops.


Diana Sullivan (deeanna)
Healing Arts Practitioner (SAGE)

Diana loves to help people get rid of emotional
baggage, negative energy, align Chakras, bring,
teach meditation practice, Kundalini Yoga, and more…

Mae Jensen

Licensed Massage Therapist

Mae attended Jacksonville State University before moving to Salt Lake City and studying at the Utah College of Massage Therapy. She graduated December of 2006 then enrolled in the Master Bodyworker program, graduating in May of 2007.  Mae moved to Memphis Tennessee in 2015. To see what types of modalities she is training in click the see more button below:

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mark tittle suit head and shoulders shot

Mark Tittle – Owner Energy Fitness/Roche Diagnostics Medical Sales

Mark is an Affiliate Sales Broker helping individual buy and sell residential properties in Memphis area.  He is also owner of Energy Fitness.  He previously sold capital medical equipment, hematology and chemistry for over twenty years.  Mark always wanted his own business and when Mark married Tonya he always said he wanted to “exploit her knowledge and expertise”.






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