Licensed Massage Therapist and Healing Arts Practitioner

Drew Sherrod is a massage therapist at Energy Fitness. He grew up in Memphis and is a lifelong musician (Master Fiddler.) Drew received his education at the Massage Institute of Memphis. He loves helping clients feel comfortable in their own bodies and feel their best.

Drew has a magnetic, vibrant, jolly and genuine personality with an infectious laugh. He loves to share his knowledge of meditation, breathing, and all things to clam the mind. Drew has a unique ability to provide sound healing and frequency therapy for his clients via singing bowls or other healing instruments, for those interested. His massages focus on improving body awareness and relieving pain, injury management, and stress reduction. He discovered an aptitude for deep tissue work and clients enjoy Drew’s ability to quickly adapt to their needs.

To schedule a massage with him give us a call at 901-466-6242 or email us at and we will get you in touch.


Specialties include:

  • Deep tissue
  • Sound healing (example: use of a singing bowl for frequency and vibration healing)
  • Reiki- energy work
  • Myofacial Release
  • Swedish massage
  • Sports massage

For pricing & information or opt in for a massage click here: Healing Arts contact page.