Day 6 begins and Im down 5 1/2 lbs.

I weigh every morning on a scale that also provides my body fat % as a bonus.

I track these numbers; Ive done this for several years now.

Today is Friday January 7th and I’m down 5.5 lbs with no change (yet) in body fat at 27%. (Tonya’s calipers had me officially at 24.5% on Monday).

I started this latest weight loss journey @ 203.5 on Jan. 1 and today was 198!! Wooo Hooo!

Along with weighing each morning I also throw in a quick waist line measurement. OCD ?

Maybe, but it has helped prevent me from absolutely “letting myself get BIG”!

The clothes dryer can only take so much verbal abuse and armed with my #’s I know damned well why my gut is hanging over my jeans…worse than usual.

I’ve “enjoyed” one training session and a couple of prescribed (forced) cardiovascular workouts during the week. I have to admit being surprised at the difficulty of the half – hour session on Tuesday. I typically don’t sweat while lifting weights – I was dripping.

And who would have thought that I could run 25 stairs @ the river?

Down and Up is ONE. I did 25. Yes! She made me. And Yes I’m glad I did it!

Tomorrow I depart for the Sales Meeting/Cruise. Should be a challenge but I think I’m ready. These last six days have given me some momentum- Right?

My next post will be from the ship. Will Power- ACTIVATE!!

Mark Tittle

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  • Tonya Tittle

    Mark just finished his 2nd training session with me. He hung in there. Mark doesn’t do well when i give him multiple instructions at a time. He just gives me this deer in headlights look. Towards the end of the workout Sebree (one of his workout partners in his session) saw the look and the tone he gave back to me as I was telling him that his push ups were not as full range of motion as i asked for and that he was not listening to my instructions to get his but low while in the on knees push up position. I will have to say that I am so mean. We went out for his birthday dinner on Tues. night and for desert I had a flourless choc. torte right in front of him and he didn’t have a bite. Hey, I am not trying to lose weight so why should i be without a tasty treat if i want one. He had no wine, and saved some of his dinner for leftovers. It was time for me to pick a new program for myself so I decided to pick the same program 11 and 12 that i chose for Mark. Program 11 and 12 are really hard ones and have proven that is gets results. This way i can experience his pain and see what other grueling exercises that i might want to add as a bonus for the day. Good luck Mark on the cruise there are plenty of fitness classes and probably a great fitness facility.

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