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Workout Programs range between $40-$80
Meals plan are available for purchase a la carte for $15 each

How does it work? 

Once you purchase one of the programs available, and fill out the consultation form that contains:

  • questions about your goals,
  • current level of fitness,
  • what equipment you have access to,
  • how hard you want to be worked,
  • injuries,
  • etc.

…then I customize the number of fitness workouts you paid for.

The app allows me to drag and drop the exercises I want you to do into your profile. There are short videos without sound showing you how to perform each exercise.

I tell you how many sets and reps to do and add any additional notes as needed.

Once I have built your programs, you will receive automated messages in which you can reply and I can then send you personal responses if needed. (For example, if you need a different exercise because some particular movement hurts your shoulder).

You can check in and track your workouts as well as create before and after pictures within the app. (this is hugely helpful as soon as you pay for the program so i can see your body type and choose the right type of exercises for your shape). you will have the number of weeks listed in the program you purchased to have access to these workouts. Then you opt to purchase another one. Should you need to ask additional questions, you can email me at or call 901-466-6242 and leave a message.