July 18, 2021

Finally I can help more of my niche of individuals with chronic pain or injuries lasting longer than 3 months, women with post baby weight struggle or pelvic floor issues, post workout recovery options, golfers, yo yo dieters or I eat like crap and don’t know where to start peeps and women that don’t really know what to do and are super confused in the weight room and how much cardio or how to even plan a fitness week. Since I have trained so many personal trainers as my staff over the past 19 years I believe I can also help newbie personal trainers that need to learn how to do assessments and how to a better trainer, work around injuries, post workout recovery and how to pair exercises to form a complete program.

Some people need to be told exactly what to do, while others simply need guidance and options. Maybe you are a golfer or know one that want’s to drive further or golf without back pain.

I tried this twice 6 years ago and each time the platform didn’t have exactly what I needed but technology perhaps has caught up and won’t cost me an arm and a leg for monthly subscription AND is intuitive to upload content. The virtual conference last weekend I attended introduced me to a company that I believe will be the right fit. I’ve already had one meeting with them and was asking about features they currently have as well as ones that I personally need. They were so excited to hear my ideas and how many years that I have been in the business that we scheduled a group virtual meeting with the developers and owner. Talk about customer service, I love it!

On the new fitness platform there will be an opportunity to purchases digital downloads, videos, meal plans and nutrition success digital downloads, schedule video form checks, sessions or consults with me privately or with a friend, courses to train fitness trainers or those that wish to learn how to put a fitness program together, tips, tricks and secrets to get your best body and defy aging.

This is exciting news for you, a friend or someone that you know that wants to reduce or get rid of pain in joints or muscles or any of the niche groups I mentioned above as it lends the opportunity to help them work with a fitness professional like me with about 30 years of experience, the education to back it up and glowing testimonials. Last week I asked clients / former clients to text me 3 words why they like Energy Fitness style/method or why they train /trained with me and my heart was so warm. Within a few hours over 20 people already responded. I feel the love and hard work I have put in over the years developing relationships with my peeps that puts the personal in personal training. I feel that many of them are like extended family. I’ll share those words in another post. Thanks for those that responded so quickly!

If you have a course or topic that you believe I can help you with or you have always struggled with one area of fitness and you believe I possess the knowledge to give you to finally overcome that hurdle please reach out by shooting me an email

In the meantime, check out other blog posts I’ve done….(I’ve done a lot over the past many years) for inspiration or motivation. Determine if you are someone internally motivated or externally motivated to make your health and fitness goals happen. You can be one way with work, hobbies, or family and completely different when it comes to your own health. Do you like someone to tell you the exact steps to do in the context of fitness and want to get praise from others or recognition? Then you may be externally motivated. Are you proactive and figure out what works best for you and have the motivation to do it (stick to the plan long enough to test the theory)? Then you may be internally motivated. Even it you are internally motivated you may seek out a coach for accountability.

I’ll keep you posted on the platform progress. In the active or should I say it’s your choice.
Here’s link (added 8-3-21) I’m adding content often and courses as well:

Find Tonya online with live personal training/coaching via zoom or hire her to write a program for you with your own personalized 4-6 minute demo of each of your custom workouts included. Greenville, South Carolina site to be available this year in the town of Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Stay tuned for more details as we are working on securing a location. Memphis location 552 South Main, Memphis, TN 38103 is no longer onsite for training, massage and nutrition coaching.

Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM, LMT, TPI Level 1
Energy Fitness
Owner/Dir. of Training

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If you haven’t had a functional movement assessment with a professional observe the way you move different joints and movements with your hips, shoulders, and spine then how do you know you are doing the most effective strength training, flexibility or cardio program? Hire someone like me to get you on track with a program to help you reduce current pain, eliminate pain, improve your current program or enhance your athletic performance.