stretching for back and spine

September 10, 2021

So often when personal training our clients the exercises we ask clients to perform don’t look like the trainers demonstration. Everyone is going to have their own range of motion within their limits. Some people need more work than others and we are often amazed at how inflexible some clients are. If you happen to be one that needs these then incorporate these into your day either doing in the morning first thing in the morning, mid-day break or just before bed. Hint..If you do these while you are warmed up either by exercise, after a bath or shower or after a massage your fasica will be much more in a gel like state making your be able to move with more ease. Be sure to breath during the stretch. The exercises below can not only be done in a static (holding) position as pictures but can be done in a flowing / more dynamic way and coordinated with your breath.  Static stretches can be held from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Dynamic movements can be done for 5-15 reps. Try both and don’t forget to breath!















As you can see with the 2 pictures in a backbend type extension, I have too much flexibility in the low back and not enough in the upper back. Our bodies compensate and sometimes lack of or too much flexibility can lead to injury if supporting muscles are not strong and body is not balanced.

Update on video on demand platform:

I have uploaded all the PDF’s that go with both the follow along workout programs and the ones that have video demonstrations of how to do the programs. Still can’t believe I had a whopping 120 videos that will be available on the new online platform to be released this month hopefully. Once the company uploads videos via batch all I have to do is pair them and release the link so you can find one or many that you can purchase. You will find many options for your fitness level and what equipment you may or may not have as well as easy on the joint exercises for novices or those of you needed to work around injuries. I have also created a done for you 12 week transformation plan that includes typed workout programs with videos, etc. You can even track your reps and sets on workout cards.

In the meantime you can find Tonya online with Zoom personal training/coaching or hire her to write a program for you with your own personalized 4-6 minute demo of each of your custom workouts included.

Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM, LMT, TPI Level 1
Energy Fitness
Owner/Dir. of Training

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