• You work “with” me to achieve my goals. you give me a plan customized to my needs & goals, instead of the one size fits all approach. you motivate me without discouraging me. You LISTEN! Like the nutrition tips too.

  • I am a happier person-so pleased with my health and fitness changes. Love ya’ll.

  • The nutrition part made a total difference in the way I feel and my results in weight loss. I was the type of person that never ate breakfast. Spreading the meals over 6 times a day absolutely helps my metabolism and the way I feel everyday.

    MARK GUTHRIE President, Memphis Distribution Services, Inc.
  • We have a great time here with Tonya and Lisa. Lisa is my favorite trainer, I trained with her for nine whole months last year. As you can see, I had my baby recently. She’s one month old now. I enjoy my workouts here. Lisa has taught me so many different exercises with my condition during pregnancy. She taught me a lot of stretching and it was fantastic. So, please do come here, this is THE place and if you’re expecting a baby, you should definitely be here.

    RASHMI GOKA IT Professional
  • Having a trainer makes me workout harder and smarter. When I go to the gym on my own I waste time and won’t push myself hard enough. Knowing that I have an appointment makes me more accountable to reach my goals. Energy Fitness makes me work not just my favorite parts, but offers a balanced program that ensures my success.

    ROSEMARY DIXON Office Manager, Adelman Law Firm
  • I started with Energy Fitness because my wife gave me 2 sessions for Christmas. I was so taken with it and so desperate for a dose of Tonya that I haven’t missed many sessions in 3 and a half years. Tuesday nights are filled with dread. When my wife asks what’s the matter, I gasp “I must face Tonya tomorrow.” But, rarely I miss.

    HENRY TURLEY Developer
  • I chose Energy Fitness to get me in better shape and have someone push me. I like the boutique environment and friendly staff and clientele. They are highly intensive and private. And more.

    ANDY CATES Charter member, Real Estate & other ventures
  • Everybody needs a personal trainer. I lost over 14% body fat, 17 inches and 18 lbs in 11 months. Thanks Every Fitness!

  • there's something different about Energy Fitness that I've never found anywhere else.

  • I am thankful for your studio for giving me confidence and better health. After using several other small fitness facilities before I came to Energy Fitness, I was not confident in my abilities to make progress in a gym setting... but Energy Fitness changed that with their super-charged 30 minute sessions. I receive personal instructions, training, and guidance in a great environment of camaraderie with fellow clients and trainers!

    DON WILDY District Manger for Lane Bryant

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