Are Eggs Good For My Health & Fitness or Not?

October 8, 2010by TonyaTittle

Personal Trainer Tonya Tittle of Energy Fitness in Memphis, TN gives you The Low Down on Eggs.

There is so much misinformation on eggs and how they fit into our diet or meal plan. The low down on eggs is that a moderate intake of eggs provides sound nutritional support for physically active people.

The American Heart Association along with other health organizations recommend that people have less than 300 mg dietary cholesterol a day from all sources. One egg yolk contains approximately 212 mg. Eggs typically supply one third of the cholesterol people ingest from the diet, with meats and dairy products supplying the rest. Despite the concern over the cholesterol found in the egg yolk, nearly all studies have shown that eggs do not cause large increases in blood cholesterol levels.

Healthy adults can continue to enjoy eggs as part of a balanced diet, and there is little reason to suggest that “no eggs at all” is a preferable approach.

1 whole egg

  • contains 74 calories
  • has 13 essential vitamins and minerals
  • is a high-quality protein source (has highest quality of protein in the entire food supply with the amino acid pattern almost matching the human requirement for essential amino acids)
  • contains healthy unsaturated fats
  • contains antioxidants
  • a whole egg is 6.3 grams of total protein with 3.6 grams of protein in the Egg White and 2.7 grams of protein in the YOLK

Eggs sometimes get a bad rap because usually people eat eggs with foods high in disease-causing saturated fats including bacon, red meat, butter, and whole milk. Instead someone can have 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg along with spray olive oil (in the pay to keep from sticking) or soft margarine without trans fat, whole grain cereal or whole grain bread found the the freezer section, and 1/2 cup of fruit.

** A recent study showed that ingesting 20grams of whole egg protein immediately after intensive resistance exercise stimulated muscle protein systhesis above levels achieved when no egg protein was consumed.

What does this mean to you? If you don’t have a protein shake available to you or can’t stomach them then you should try eggs so you can give your body the post workout nutrition needed to build muscle to burn fat.

Most but not all of the information above was published in ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal, Volume 14, No. 5, author of article is David C.Nieman, Dr. P.H., FACSM.

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