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Welcome. You’ve come to the right page if you are looking for clients singing Energy Fitness praises and what we have done for them. Who’s next onsite or online?

We are an award-winning boutique fitness studio. We were in downtown Memphis, Tennessee from 2002 to the end of Feb. 2021 then relocated to our new community in Greenville, South Carolina (Travelers Rest area). We are excited to be serving new clients already! We are also offering Zoom personal training and will continue to offer this service. No more excuses that I’m traveling and can’t work out! We got you covered.

Here is what one of them has to say:

“As an outdoor/fitness enthusiast and avid golfer and swimmer, my overall health and well-being have always been a priority.  

Tonya provides a full complement of knowledge, energy, and a desire to put her clients first to help them achieve their goals. Her fitness classes provide guidance, core strengthening, muscle lengthening, and stretching exercises that have increased my performance and flexibility while avoiding injury.  I feel stronger and confident.  I’ve had consistently lower golf scores and a 2-stroke index improvement over a 5-month period.  Swimming has become more efficient as well, reducing 2-3 freestyle strokes off each length. 

My husband and I also benefit greatly from Tonya’s massage services!  She uses the latest tools and therapies appropriate for your specific needs to relieve pain and promote healing. Tonya provides stretching exercises to help after the massage as well.
We would highly recommend any of Tonya’s well-being services ranging from fitness/personal training to nutrition counseling and massages!” Carla I., Age 57 1/2, Date: 3/12/2023

We are excited to prove in our new community that Energy Fitness will be a Go-To Place for Wellness Expertise…

  • Accountability
  • Personal Training (30 min. Semi-Private, fast-paced efficient & custom programs) 2-4 times per week packages from 5 week intro to 12 months.
  • Nutrition Coaching • Meal Plans • Supplement Recommendations
  • Massage Therapy • Often more economical & time efficient pain reduction choice than Physical Therapy. Regular massage can help you move better, reduce or eliminate pain, and be part of a good recovery plan for many athletes. We offer 15, 30, 50 & 90-minute sessions. Swedish Massage, Blading, Cupping, Taping, Assisted Stretching, Cellulite reduction and Detox Body Wraps Services are available.
  • Hair testing • BIA analysis • TPI Golf Screens • Fitness Assessments • Reiki Therapy

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Craig Thompson, biz owner/graphic designer/photographer, age 50+ also had this to say about Energy Fitness: customized, personalized, knowledgeable & tough.

Mae Jensen, LMT and client (age 30+) also has these words to share about Energy Fitness:

  • personalized (tailored & flexible)
  • Motivating (challenging but not hard)
  • Encompassing (education, backed, nutrition, aftercare, if you see something that will help someone you send it to them, you give people tools nut just training

In late 2021 I asked over 23 Energy Fitness clients & staff to give me 3 words or a testimonial about how they felt or thought about Energy Fitness and/or me (Tonya, Owner). We were blessed with replies via text within 24 hours. Feeling the love :). Some couldn’t just keep it to 3 words and wanted to give more just like we did for them.

Jennifer Gallione, Physical Therapist, Energy Fitness Personal Trainer

  • Educated, motivating, caring, passionate
  • prioritizes and values functional training
  • specific & individualized goals during sessions
  • injury prevention

Misty Aucoin (Exec. Assist St. Jude & former Energy Fitness Personal Trainer)

  • Professional, personal, fun, knowledgeable

Elizabeth Smithers (editor, tap dancer, age 45+) Tailor-made, science-backed, guidance

Greg Smithers (banker, age 50+) Consistent, accountable, proven

Larry Garner, trained from age 60-70

  • Expertise – creating personal programs within each person’s capabilities from workouts to diet
  • Lifestyle – inspirational and motivational support and direction to stay on task with workouts & diet
  • Energize – a better quality of life is the direct result of maintaining the most appropriate workouts and better eating habits. hence “Energy Fitness” is a great name

Diane Gordon (nurse, age 50+)

  • Personalized
  • Visual & Measurable Results
  • She’s done all of the research for you… complete program that includes diet & workout

Janet Wilson (Marketing FedEx, age 45+)

I selected you because of not being “Just a Trainer.” You bring in whole body health and wellbeing. Plus you adapt to each person’s needs. Also you stay on top of education to share what you learn with others.

Anna Vescovo, Lawyer (age 48+)

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much Energy Fitness has meant to me over the last several years. I never thought I would find a “workout” facility that I would love so much.  Not only was the “facility” perfect for me (the great equipment, showers, chocolate coconut bars, and a variety of other healthy supplement options—they are snacks, not meal replacements 😜), but having you and Lisa there during workout time made it seem more like visiting really bossy friends (just kidding about the “bossy”!! LOL😜) telling me what to do rather than working out. Not only did you ladies help me physically, but you also were ready to give nutritional advice or help with anything to help my overall well-being.  Why do you think I stuck around so long!? It was so much fun, and it helped me become a better version of myself.  So thank you for that from the bottom of my heart!❤️

Tobacco Brown, Artist (age 50+)

Energy Fitness in Memphis, TN was a beautiful journey. Tonya Tittle was the “high priestess” of fitness. Memphis Health & Fitness Magazine readers voted her fitness studio the best in training year after year after year! Personally, I received superior evaluations, programming, instruction, and assistance far beyond what I was accustomed to at other fitness studios. The exercise program was specifically designed for each individual. A batter of exercises just for that specific person. She challenged me to reach goals I thought I never could. Expert, professional, thoughtful scientific service, evaluations, practice, and workouts. She’s tough but beautifully spiritual, has expert sports industry and healing arts knowledge, top chef products, and reliable fitness results. RUN, do not walk to her studio. Your body and diet regimen will look and feel amazing.

Maureen Holland (Lawyer, 50+) dedicated, focused, skilled

Johanna Ellis Resinger (Biz Owner, 40+) knowledgeable, thoughtful, results

Henry Turley, (Developer, 70+) knows, cares

Denise Birdsong (Bonds, 50+) motivate, encourage, positive energy

Regena Bearden (Memphis Tourism, 50+) A custom approach to my specific goals as well as monitoring & pivoting the plan as needed to achieve a sustainable lifestyle

Tom Pittman (Semi-Retired, age 70+) Hard, Comprehensive, focused

Ham Symthe IV (biz owner, age 60+) Accountable, specific, supportive

Jay Cooper (Archer Malmo SVP Principal, age 60+) customized, adaptable, expertise

Keith Sheffield (IT Autozone, age 50+) tough, consistent, understanding

Evelyn H. (retired, age 60+) works, intelligent, fun, confidence-building

Wendi Shoffner (retired, age 50+) flexible, original, affordable

Judy Blythe (retired, age 70+) tailored to my specific needs

Angela J (former Energy Fitness LMT, age 40+ and a client) efficient, meticulous, knowledgeable

Daniel Plummer, Business Systems Analyst at ALCAS/St. Jude (age 40+)

  • “Ultramodern. I’m using this as a one-word synonym for “continuously learning.” You are always up to date on the latest for nutrition and exercise, winnowing the classically true and accurate breakthroughs from the persistent urban legends and the destructively faddish. You constantly reinvent yourself, even going so far as to take something that some people consider a complete career (massage therapy), and making it look like you just took an elective.
  • “Personify: this word was tough because I wanted to express that you embody your brand/you are your brand/you are congruent with what you teach. As you put it, the only way to have health is to fight upstream against the marketing pressures and easy bad choices we are constantly inundated with. So it involves more than just knowing what to do, but also how and why for initial motivation and long-term persistence. I wouldn’t choose a life coach whose life was a disaster; you’re clearly taking care of yourself, and I wanted to know what you know.”
  • “Lastly: entrepreneur. (The phrases I would prefer are “business savvy/acumen/woman.”) Where do I start? I love your 1. lead generating funnels, 2. regular free content 3. recurring calls to action 4. mix of paid prepared-yet-customized content (different diets and exercise plans that you already have ret-2-go and that you send to the client depending on their needs) and actual custom content (to say nothing of your quarantine pivot to virtual). I personally discovered you in a Kroger Memphis Health & Fitness Magazine. Then I got on your emails and/or social media so that I wouldn’t forget that I wanted a fitness coach, and then eventually when I had the availability, I signed up! It was great!

Here’s one from a Corporate Fitness Lunch Class

Our firm appreciates all of the benefits of Energy’s Circuit Classes. The classes offer the firm a chance to work together as a group which enhances their confidence, individually and as a team, supports stress relief and promotes all around self-care. The Circuit Classes are also an important benefit that the firm offers to its employees. The professional services Tonya and her staff offer in the way of programs and training have been invaluable to all of us.”

– Rebecca Adelman,  Law Firm Owner • Memphis

the list goes on and on….. Just check us out! More reviews on Yelp & Google.