Personal Training • Nutrition Coaching • Massage Therapy/Pain Reduction Sessions

Our exclusive “Energize Method” of training was created by Tonya Tittle, Owner, M.S., ACSM & LMT. Energy Fitness personal trainers put the method into practice to get you lean, toned, feeling better, reduced pain, and more confident. This method combines all the components necessary for your fitness and wellness success. In a nutshell, the Energize Method combines fitness assessments, 30-minute personal training sessions, custom meal plans and smart nutrition, supplement suggestions, flexibility, and ACCOUNTABILITY to get you on track with results.

Energy Fitness is an award-winning boutique fitness studio located in the Greenville/Travelers Rest area, South Carolina. We re-opened in Aug. 2023 at the new location. We were formerly in Downtown Memphis from 2002 to the end of February 2021.

We offer 30-minute Semi-Private sessions (one trainer working with 2-4 clients with each client doing their personalized program based on their assessment, fitness level, goals, and injury management). We will continue to offer Zoom training to our existing online clients and when you travel this can be a way for you to stay on track as well. We consider ourselves very well versed in working with and around individuals with chronic/nagging injuries which many people face at some point in their lives. It is our goal to get you out of pain to live YOUR Best Life and have wellness success.

We will have massage therapy available in 50 minutes, 90 minutes & 15 minutes (you must be pre-approved for the 15-minute massage/bodywork), sports/stretching, blading, cupping for injuries & cellulite reduction & body contouring Detox Body Wraps (M’Lis).

We use Functional Movement testing both by Rock Tape FMT and TPI (Titlist Performance Institute) Golf Level 1 Screening, Myofascial release via Rock Pod Therapy, or Rock Tape as a massage therapy service. We can also teach you do-it-yourself methods for cellulite reduction that have lasting results.

Several years back, we evolved our mission by adding Healing Arts services like Reiki/Energy Healing Sessions and Chakra assessment.

Why wait…get in touch NOW REQUEST FREE CONSULT  (Value $87)


Accountability and a Personal Trainer pushing can help you overcome barriers that hold you back from getting the body you want. Many people don’t know how to work around their injuries or get going with a science-based program that will get results quickly and safely. Learn what to eat and meal timing for specific to your body and habits.


Get a massage for stress relief, diminish or alleviate pain, release fascia for better sports performance, or clear your body of built-up toxins holding you back and causing brain fog or spare inches. and lbs. For call back or opt-in for us to give you a call back click here for our Massage, Move Better & Detox Services (M’Lis Contour Body Wraps).


Energy Work • Rod Pods or Rope Tape Myofascial Release • Make your Golf game better with a Titlest Performance Institute Level 1 Functional Movement Screen, find out your handicap, swing characteristics and get exercises to improve your areas in need of work.


Our Personal trainers know how to lead you through our copywritten programs and are qualified to make adjustments for injuries and beginners. All trainers go through a process of staff training with Tonya for more than 20 hours and watch over 500 demo videos. This helps the team members to learn and understand the Energize Method of training that afforded Energy Fitness many awards in Memphis, TN as Best Boutique Personal Training Studio as well as Best Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Massage Therapist (on staff). We realize clients have busy schedules and having all trainers use the same system of training with individual trainer variations and adjustments for injuries helps keep you on task and getting your workout completed for that added ACCOUNTABILITY!

With qualified and trained staff is it comforting to know that you can work with a variety of our trainers and still be on track with your program. We have been voted Best Boutique Training Studio for numerous years by Memphis Health & Fitness Magazine readers in Memphis and look forward to serving our new community.

We have several different types of personal training programs. Depending on your goals, schedule, and budget, you will come to our facility 2 to 4 times per week and we will make suggestions on what you should do on your own the other days for you to get optimal results.

On your days with one of our trainers, we strongly suggest that you come early or stay late to do the cardio intervals necessary for your success as well as have another fitness facility or cardio equipment options at home to keep you in optimal health.

Massage Therapy & Healing Arts Services staff are professional & know how to make your body feel great on a different level than personal training so you can feel your best. It’s also a more time efficient and less expensive option than physical therapy.


  • Semi-Private Training Sessions –  zoom or onsite (most popular and affordable) 1 trainer & 2-4 clients with each person in the group doing their own customized program based off of their goals and fitness assessment. Depending on your fitness level you will perform anywhere from 6-12 exercises and abs/core work as well.
  • Private Training Sessions – One-on-One Training (limited availability as 99.3% of clients fit well into a semi-private session since workouts are customized based on fitness assessments and goals)
  • Private or Partner Nutrition Coaching Sessions (45 min.) – packages are available that can be purchased as a separate service without personal training or used as a session within Semi-Private training sessions.


You choose the package that best meets your goals, motivation, budget, and hectic schedule.

Chances are your current level of fitness didn’t happen overnight so you shouldn’t expect more than 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss per week. Television programs like The Biggest Loser create unrealistic goals for people. If you are looking to lose 20 pounds in a month (a quick fix) then we are not the facility for you! The journey to health and fitness will create lasting results like our proven method has for hundreds of our clients.

Body transformations are made by making health and fitness part of your lifestyle which is why our standard programs usually go in length from 4.5 months to 12 months.

Call for pricing at 901-466-6242 or opt-in for a Free Consult ($87). We ask you about your goals and then show you our Personal Training flip chart so you know what to expect from us and our expectations of you to get results fast & safely.


This program is a great way to take us for a test drive in case you aren’t sure how great our method is and how it works.

Semi-Private $400 (You must mention you saw the 5-week special on our website to get the intro. price).


Click here for more details or to book a time to meet with Tonya. We will give you a call to ask you about your goals and discuss our program options for nutrition coaching. You will quickly learn some tips and tricks to put into action immediately to work towards the body you want. The investment for this starts at $87 and lasts about 45 minutes.


Rates for Energy Fitness Staff Licensed Massage Therapist(s):
50 minutes $85  •  90 minutes $130  • Tonya’s rates are listed below.

Depending on your goals and type of bodywork you need to determine your practitioner. This is the ideal, however; we also realized your schedule and our availability may also dictate your practitioner.

Regardless, your body will be glad you give it some therapy as we will offer professional and friendly service in a non-intimidating environment.

  • Most of our LMTs are trained in Swedish, sports massage, and M’Lis Detox Body Wraps. Body wraps are priced at a $145 and take between 75 and 90 minutes. Add on foot, hand massage or scalp massage for $20.
  • Tonya Tittle, Owner of Energy Fitness & LMT has limited availability for bodywork therapy as personal training semi-private sessions and running the business takes most of her time. She uses her LMT skills to help Energy Fitness clients heal faster and keep them from long Physical Therapy sessions and out of the Doctors’ offices from acute or chronic injuries.
  • She prefers to perform movement analysis and interview clients about their movement patterns, work, sleep, and exercise habits to help create lasting results. She works with individuals with chronic injuries to increase their range of motion and decrease or alleviate pain, poor posture or other muscle imbalance pain issues, athletes needing post-race recovery, golfers, and runners.
  • Tonya is an Exercise Physiologist & certified in myofascial release via Rock Pods and Cupping for Cellulite Reduction or painful knots, Rock Blades, and Rock Tape to offer better movement and injury rehab.

Tonya’s Rates 50-minute or bodywork therapy:

  • 50 minutes $85 
  • 15 min (you must be approved for this therapeutic session) $30

To schedule a massage with Tonya or her staff give us a text or call at 901-466-6242 or email us at and we will get you in touch.

  • Sports Massage (Tonya’s style)
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep tissue
  • Trigger point
  • M’Lis Detox Body Wraps
  • Blading (myofascial treatment)
  • Cupping (dynamic or static – minimal marks, myofascial treatment)
  • Cellulite Reduction & Coaching Session
  • Rock Tape
  • Rock Tape taping $10 or $5 add-on service. Schedule with Tonya
  • M’lis body wrapping (click on for pricing and more info)
  • Facials 30 or 60 minutes, M’Lis all natural products (if he has staff hired in this modality)


We all know we can’t exercise or eat our way out of the craziness that happens in our brains and to our bodies. We know not all of you are going to buy into this “energy healing” and mystic stuff, and that’s okay! This is (and always has been) a no-judgment zone.

If you DO want more information, check out our Healing Arts Info Page

  • Reiki Therapy
  • Chakra Assessment
  • Chakra Healing
  • Crystal Healing


We also have the following if you just want the expertise of a trainer but don’t need a trainer 2-3 times per week onsite:

  • TPI Golf Screen (Titlest) $100 Functional Screening (ask for Tonya)
  • Body Fat Testing (takes about 5-10 minutes- allows time for interpretation of results) $25
  • BIA (bioelectrical analysis) Testing $40-60 call to schedule
  • Nutritional Meal Plans $15 each
  • Analysis of your current program and how to make it better. 45 Minute Consultation $$100
  • Take out Fitness programs – we give you a program you can do on your own – call for pricing (ask for Tonya)
  • Sport Training Program Design – call for pricing (ask for Tonya)
  • Injury Management / Trigger Point Therapy Consult. 1 Hour Consultation $100 (ask for Tonya)
  • Stretching Program Design – call for pricing (ask for Tonya)
  • Detox Meal Plan – call for pricing (ask for Tonya)