We will meet with you and do a complete nutrition assessment. A meal plan will be formulated that best suits your goals, lifestyle and body type.


Our nutrition programs are designed to:

  • Identify the factors that are holding you back
  • Teach you what works for your body
  • Give you meal plans that are easy to follow
  • Give you easy recipes
  • Achieve and maintain your goals

What’s included:
Typically we meet with you for about 45 minutes for $87 for each individual. You will bring in completed paperwork we have sent you as well as have a 3 day food journal so we can review after your initial appointment.

We do a mini-assessment. You can’t get progress numbers unless you know where you started. After your appointment we email you 2 meal plans best suited for your goals, lifestyle and body type. Follow up appointments are only $25 for a quick 20 min. re-assessment. If you want to schedule a re-assessment combined with more nutrition coaching and another meal plan then $50 will be the fee for a total of 45 minute appointment.

Call or text us at 901-466-6242 and tell us a little about yourself and some best times and days to get in touch with you.