Cardio Intervals Workouts

November 17, 2010by TonyaTittle

Here are 5 Cardio Interval Workouts to Blast Fat & Look Lean & Sexy

If you want to get in shape fast and don’t have a lot of time or access to a gym then try these cardio interval workouts I have my clients do. By the way when I say FAST it means “until you feel like you are gonna throw up or can’t go another second – also known at 90 % effort”

1. 10 Minutes of 20 seconds FAST and 20 seconds slow or complete rest

2. 10 Minutes of 10 seconds FAST and 5 seconds slow. An example could be doing the stationary bike for 5 minutes of hard resistance at the 10 fast and 5 slow and 5 minutes of 10 fast and 5 slow at a lower resistance but higher rpms (in other words you will be doing hills and flat sprints)

3. 10 Minutes of 45 seconds Fast 15 slow or rest. Example: running outside 45 seconds flat or hill then stop and bend over to breathe for 15 seconds at minimum (if you need more then take up to 45 seconds for rest) Do 15 minutes if you rest longer.

4. 28 Minutes of ladders: 1 minute fast then 30 seconds slow, 30 seconds fast then 15 seconds slow, 15 seconds fast then 10 seconds slow – then go back up the ladder and do the 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1 minute fast with the rest in between the same as before.

5. No stop watch? Try this if you are outside running — 20 sets FAST (count every time your right foot strikes the ground for 20 strikes) then jog or walk for 10 strikes of the right foot and 20 strikes if you still feel like your heart is pounding and you can’t breath.

These intervals are hard but so worth the effort for the amazing fat burning “after burn” and stimulating the human growth results that you will get.

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