Day 6 begins and Im down 5 1/2 lbs.

January 7, 2011by TonyaTittle

I weigh every morning on a scale that also provides my body fat % as a bonus.

I track these numbers; Ive done this for several years now.

Today is Friday January 7th and I’m down 5.5 lbs with no change (yet) in body fat at 27%. (Tonya’s calipers had me officially at 24.5% on Monday).

I started this latest weight loss journey @ 203.5 on Jan. 1 and today was 198!! Wooo Hooo!

Along with weighing each morning I also throw in a quick waist line measurement. OCD ?

Maybe, but it has helped prevent me from absolutely “letting myself get BIG”!

The clothes dryer can only take so much verbal abuse and armed with my #’s I know damned well why my gut is hanging over my jeans…worse than usual.

I’ve “enjoyed” one training session and a couple of prescribed (forced) cardiovascular workouts during the week. I have to admit being surprised at the difficulty of the half – hour session on Tuesday. I typically don’t sweat while lifting weights – I was dripping.

And who would have thought that I could run 25 stairs @ the river?

Down and Up is ONE. I did 25. Yes! She made me. And Yes I’m glad I did it!

Tomorrow I depart for the Sales Meeting/Cruise. Should be a challenge but I think I’m ready. These last six days have given me some momentum- Right?

My next post will be from the ship. Will Power- ACTIVATE!!

Mark Tittle

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