38 Days later…

February 9, 2011by TonyaTittle

And Im still down about 10 lbs.

Not great but does fall within the “normal” weight loss limits of about 2lbs per week. The

next week or so will be critical to reaching my goal of losing 20 lbs. in about 15 weeks.

Ive got about 10 weeks left to lose another 10 lbs. A pound a week is very doable- Ive just go to do it!

BTW- As Ive previously mentioned, Im compulsive about weighing myself. Good trainers, like my wife Tonya, will tell you not to weigh or perhaps only weigh once per week. They will tell you that one should really simply pay attention to how their clothes fit etc. Thats really good advice!- my jeans are beginning to hang on me now even as the scale is not moving!! I think Im still losing

fat weight but perhaps have regained some water….that would make sense, yes?

A quick story: A week ago Sunday was communion at church ( I didnt know this in advance).

Wafers and grape juice are not

on my list of allowable foods but I would normally make an exception. However, on this day I was also planning to skip luch as part of a pre-planned Fast. So I found myself in an awkward situation. I could either skip

communion and stay seated, as Tonya suggested, or I could participate and fake it.

Sorry but…I faked it! Yes- I stuck the soggy wafer in my suit pocket; I dont think anyone but maybe one guy in the choir saw me miss my mouth…

I quickly slid up to the Alter to say a prayer of forgiveness and to ask for some understanding; something along the lines of the body/temple theme.

It seems that Anything and Everything that could possibly derail my plan to lose this darn weight has occured so far. Huge amounts of travel, sick kids, snow days etc.

But I have made BIG efforts to stay focused and squeeze in my exercise daily. Having the scheduled

sessions at Energy Fitness twice per week with Tonya has been invaluable.

It keeps me moving and prevents the “excusitis” I tend to get when feeling lazy.

Additionally, I like to feel mildly sore and leave it to my wife and her wacky exercises to put the “SORE” on ya… I did say “mildly sore” Tonya….not the OMG I cant get out of the

dang bed sore!

OK bye for now. Wish me luck and good choices!!

Mark Tittle

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