Get Cut on the Road – Total Body Strength Workout

August 4, 2011by TonyaTittle

You asked for it… Many of our clients don’t know what to do when they have to miss their sessions and begged us to do a blog post of what exercises they can do while away.

If you’ll be away from the gym on vacation or just travel a lot this can be the perfect opportunity to get stronger and stay in shape until you return. We have created a workout just for you! This workout will help you get cut or stay cut while you’re away. You won’t need any weights or equipment, just an open space in your hotel room or early in the morning on the beach or a new city.

Let us answer the question before you ask it. HOW MANY REPS DO I PERFORM OF EACH EXERCISE? Well, that’s a tricky question. Here’s a somewhat simple explanation. Just remember….If you do the same thing all the time don’t expect different results. In other words, No two workouts should be the same. Mix it up by going for time intervals, maximum reps, plyometrics, order of exercises, pumping, holding, etc….

Short on time? Do 1 leg exercise, 1 upper body exercise, 1 ab and 1 stretching exercise.

Cardio Workout – do as a stand alone on non weight training days or incorporate as part of your strength training workout.

Floor Runs – do as a warm up for 50 to 100 each side (that’s 100 to 200 for those of you who think that I am always tricking you with the numbers)

Start Finish

Floor runs startFloor runs start

Chest Workout & gets some back muscles also (the Lats)

Spiderman Push-Ups – a client Love/Hate exercise. These can be done many different ways, stationary, bouncing with or without a clap (plyometrics), dynamic (moving across floor), or negative (going down super slow then getting back up into position without actually doing push up)

Start Moving Other Side

Spiderman push up startSpiderman push up movingSpiderman push up other side

Back T-Row – this can be done as pictured as well as many other ways such as follows: in a plank position on the floor, over a stability ball, face down on an incline bench, I recently have been having clients do this move combined with a spiderman push-up across the floor with a 20 to 45 pound weight, etc…)

Start Finish

T-row startT-row finish


Shoulder Push Ups Easy – this can be done on the floor as pictured and the following variations as well depending on your strength: on the floor with 1 leg up (pictured below), on stability ball with both feet flat on ball, feet on a stair/couch/bed, bench, feet up the wall, or even with someone holding your ankles if you are strong enough.

Start Finish
Shoulder push ups easy startShoulder push ups easy finish

Shoulder Push Ups One Leg
Start Finish
Shoulder push ups- 1 leg up start Shoulder push ups - 1 leg up finish


Tricep Push Ups Level 1 -YOU MUST PUSH YOUR ELBOWS IN TOWARD THE BODY. For those of you not strong enough to go to a 90 degree angle with your elbows then stick your butt up i the air a little. This is also great for the core. For variations try holding a the bottom for 5 to 20 seconds or do each rep with a pump.
Start Finish

Tricep puch ups- Level 1 Start Tricep push ups- Level 1 finish

Tricep Push Ups Level 2this can also be done on push up handles or a medicine call with handles. It can also be done with the feet together.
Start Finish
Tricep push ups- Level 2 start Tricep push ups- Level 2 finish


Jump Squats – what a great exercise to do without equipment. This can be done stationary (staying in one place), dynamic (moving across or in different directions). If you are doing outside then try jumping off a curb and back onto a flat surface, or try jumping on a stair (hold a side rail in a hotel stairway if inside)
Start Jump
Jump squats startJump squats jump

Bench Lungethis can be done holding a chair or other stationary object for balance and might make you get a larger range of motion. To make it harder, add a jump to it (plyometrics), pump with every rep, or hold in the down position for 5 to 15 seconds.
Start Finish
Bench lunge start Bench lunge finish


1 Leg Up Crunchcan be done lying as pictured below or make it harder and balance on your butt while the bottom leg if hovering just above the floor.
Start Finish
1 leg up crucnch start 1 leg up crunch finish

Double Crunch
Start Finish
Double crunch start Double crunch finish

Side Double Crunch
Start Finish
Side double crunch start Side double crunch finish

Some Cardio

Burpiethis can be done as cardio alone or as a combination exercise with the following exercise(s) added to it: push up, t-row, jump squat, jumping jack. Get crazy with it!
Start Floor Position Finish Plank Position
Mountain pose- Burpie start floor Mountain pose- Burpie plank position


Downward Dog One Leg Up – hold for 20 to 60 seconds each stretch.
Downward dog 1 leg up

Hip/Butt Cross Leg
Hip & butt cross leg

Tabletop – excellent for people with poor posture
Table top

Chest/Shoulder Behind Back Stretch – excellent for people with poor posture
Chest &shoulder behind back

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