October 17, 2011by TonyaTittle


Water is essential. We have to have it and you as a runner should be consuming more than you think. Actually, if you are thinking about it, you are already thirsty; it should become second nature.

What is water? It is 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen

Lungs contain 90%; Brain 70% and body 60%

Ever see a lake not have rain for a few weeks, dries up and it doesn’t look dry but there is certain amount that is needed to maintain that particular body of water meaning the plant life and fish…so why would you wait before you become a drought then you are trying to do damage control!

function: Givers you energy, burns fat, regulates body temperature.

How much do you need?

1 glass an hour that you are awake. 12 hours – 12 glasses or 96 fl oz. As a runner, we have to consume a lot more. We sweat, we burn, our metabolism is high, which water will burn more fat, a build a higher metabolism. Think about it, its a free way of getting slim! Why not do it?!

Too Much? or Too Little?

Watch your urine color is a great indicator, clear- too much; orange- dehydrated

Dehydration: nausea, dizziness, cold sweats, flu-like symptoms.

I, Tracy, was competing in a race once and a guy started literally shutting down all the water he consumed before the race had nothing to do with race day. He started yelling, I can’t see, his skin became like a vacuum pack it started sticking to his skin. It was scary, I will never forget it. Another time, Iron Man the race you compete in all year to then find 100 yards from the finish you collapse to crawl and you can’t have help crossing the line, he had medics, regained himself going from 1st place to 25th place because he did not practice hydration during training.

We are like that lake, we store in coves within the body water but heat readily dries it up.

Are you getting enough water?

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