Clean diet for flat belly by Energy Fitness trainer Tonya Tittle

April 19, 2012by TonyaTittle

Downtown Memphis trainer, Tonya Tittle of Energy Fitness gives you checklist for finally getting a FLAT BELLY using some clean diet suggestions.

Remember what goes in must come out.!

Who wants to internally toxify themselves which can cause stomach distension and stored body fat.

**You decide on how many items you are doing now and what you are willing to start doing so you will be on your way to flat belly success.

Check list for Flat belly with Clean Diet

  • A.M.- Lemon water (optional -with a dash of cayenne)
  • 70 ounces of water per day
  • Honor body’s urge to go (Do not delay)
  • Reduce sodium intake
  • Smooth move tea every other night (daily detox tea)
  • Air popped popcorn at night or salad (green leafy)
  • Limit fat intake and avoid eating meat late in the day
  • Exercise daily (1-2 days off/week)
  • Twisting poses by rotation of your spine
  • Massage abdomen clockwise
  • Eat small meals (every 3-4 hours)
  • Eat a minimum of 3 vegetables portions every day
  • Eat garlic
  • Take whole food based vitamin

Print this list out, check off what you are doing now.

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