Back home from the cruise and down a LB.

I returned home Thursday afternoon after catching an earlier flight. It was a Sales Meeting and I did work but managed to have a little fun as well : )

My bod and I are not quite ready for a close up yet so the above pic will have to do. I had hiked about two miles to the end of the island (half moon cay) from the beach area and had just finished a quick cool down swim in this pic. AND this was after enjoying the ECO bike/hike tour of the Island that lasted about one and half hours.

As I write this (Saturday morning) I weigh 197. Down one pound from the day I left and 6.5 lbs so far. I have to admit that I thought I would lose more than that on the trip but it was more difficult than I imagined.

I did stay away from anything with any type of grain or sugar as an ingredient (check out primal blueprint book for more on this) – and yes the desserts were very tempting…but I managed to abstain.

However, we were given a “drink card”. It is what it sounds like. You can have ANY type of beer wine or liquor ANY time you want from all of the multiple bars on the ship.

I didnt revert to my college frat days and behave like a lunatic on the ship but I did enjoy some nice cabernet in the evening along with a few other cocktails…

I also managed to take one yoga class and otherwise made good use of the very nice gym and rubber running track on-board every day.

I was planning on taking Friday off from exercise and do my best to catch up on all the paperwork I have to do- NO SUCH LUCK.

Having your trainer as a spouse kinda blows sometimes. As she was hustling the kids out the door she was encouraging no insisting that I “go get your clothes on and be at Energy by 7:30- lets go!!) It was a hard work-out but once again after it was over I was ready to take on the day invigorated!!

Im back on track now and enjoyed a steak dinner with my family last night. While they feasted on loads of sweet potato french fries, salmon and turkey burgers I stuck with steak, salad and just a little potato of the mashed variety.

I will keep you posted this week. My next challenge will be Southern California. I leave next Saturday for seven days. Should be OK. Its ridiculously easy to eat well out there and I wont have my “drink card” to mess me up!

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  • tonya tittle

    So glad Mark is finally on board (no pun intended) with the weight loss program.

    So many clients were asking all week how he was doing and if I thought he was drinking some wine and other beverages. My response to clients on the drinking question was “Is he breathing?” and as you see above with his confession of some “wine and other cocktails” he did partake.

    What a great photo of the cruise ship in the background and him flexing. I had to chuckle when he said he wasn’t ready for a close up yet as that is probably how many of my clients feel when they first come to me.

    While Mark was working / basking in the warm weather I was stuck here in Memphis all weekend and a Monday snow day with daycare closed. I was in charge of caring for our 2 boys (ages 5 and 1). Mark left early Saturday morning when I usually get to sleep in. Saturday morning is my only me time all week 6 am to 1 p.m. Some people think it’s silly that we do shifts of childcare, but it works for us. Uggghhh… as always my determination to exercise and to practice what I preach I packed up the kids in the double stroller Saturday at 5pm for a get out of the house run (my neighbor questioned my sanity with the cold weather). While I was running I couldn’t help thinking of Mark and how warm he must be. He had better be losing some weight and following my instructions of exercising most every day. He doesn’t need a lot of bossing and I need to keep myself in check that I am his wife and there is a fine line of bossiness and a happy marriage.

    I am really proud of Mark and hope that he is inspiring you to keep at it even through all parties, events, and all the other excuses/obstacles that present themselves in your life. If everybody that needed to lose weight were trapped in a house like biggest loser and didn’t have to work or have other triggers for bad food choices then wouldn’t 99% of people lose weight. It’s hard in the real world but if you wrap your mind around it and decide that you are stronger than your taste buds then you will succeed.

    While Mark was away I took the liberty of trashing all the sweets in the freezer and pantry. His new thing is Primal Blueprint and he has been talking about it non-stop. I am not thrilled that he is back on red meat as I am more prone to have someone follow the blood type diet (I also like the Mediterranean Diet). He is blood type A which means red meat is in the “avoid” category for him. Either way, I am glad he has decided to ditch the grains which means no more cereal binging.

    Mark came in as I insisted on Friday morning for a training session with me and man oh man was he grouchy. Tired from the trip and backed up on work he gave me the worst looks when I told him what exercises he was to do. Like so many of my clients I am sure in his mind he was saying “would you just shut up because you suck and your exercises suck, I hate you for making me do these hard exercises”. Maybe he wasn’t saying all of that, but many clients have called me many names… taskmaster, she devil, tonya the terminator, tonya the torturer, i hate you, tonya the terrible, crazy, and many more. During the training session I don’t care if someone hates me as I am not there to be friends. I am training to get results. Many of our staff shirts and jackets say “You’ll thank me later”. Mark being 6.5 lbs lighter in only 2 weeks that’s enough to make up for all crap he gives back to me in the gym. Keep at it Mark.

  • Bo

    I think it is GREAT that Tonya has chosen to take her husband on. This is a double-blade sword; for both of them. I congradulate both for this endeavor. Wish I had a lot of will-power, but at 58, I think I am holding my own, at 140#s. Tonya has my genes, for being slim, thank you Lord, but she has gobs of muscle and the stamina to match. Proud of both of them. Tonya’s Mom. Keep it up.

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