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August 1, 2012

Energy Fitness personal trainer Tonya Tittle of Memphis Tennessee likes to write down her on the road workouts so she can share with you. Next time you are traveling somewhere that will not have any fitness equipment bring a jump rope, elastic band with handles, a towel to kneel or lie on and of course exercise shoes.

On the Road or at Home Workout with Minimal Equipment

Set up a circuit for yourself and have this sheet of paper so you can cross off your accomplishments as you go through the workout. Many times just having a written plan will keep you from weaseling out of the things you don’t like to do but need to!

Jump Rope 200
Jumping Jacks 50
Step Ups (find a step or a big rock outside that is level on top, or just use a step inside either in a house or a stairwell in a hotel) do 20 reps each leg
Lunges 40 each leg  walking across (do 20 reps if you are not used to doing lunges – as you may want to walk the next day)
Outer Thigh – in a seated position with your legs straight try to balance on your but with the band on the outside of both feet- do pulse outs for 100 reps
Squats – step on the band with feet wider than shoulder width apart holding handles up on shoulders (use 2 bands for more resistance) Do 20-30 reps
Sprints in grass or on road 1 min (go 30 seconds out then turn and come back to your workout spot)

Repeat the above 1 to 2 times for maximum results.

STRETCH... hold each stretch for 30 seconds or hold a particular stretch for 3 minutes if you really want to lengthen the muscle and release the fascia covering the muscle(s).

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