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November 12, 2021

My husband has this little saying that he passed on to me and the kids. Have you heard of the acronym? ICKY (Impatience can kill you). Mark’s dad told it to him and we are blessed to have it passed on to us for many reasons. If it doesn’t kill you then it could at least hinder or mame you.

ICKY can be applied to numerous situations but the overall looming concept is to be present. Being present in the situation allows you the wisdom and foresight to make better choices.

Here are a few situations that come to mind and then of course down the list I turn it to health and wellness of course, what did you think this post would lead to.

  • Waiting for the right time to pull out into an intersection in a car or cross over during a run, walk or cycle.
  • Not being aware of your surroundings in a new town and find yourself in a bad part of town.
  • Doing things to fast (like chopping vegetables) and cut yourself.
  • Using hand tools or power tools without safety equipment.
  • Taking shortcuts that lead to lazy man works double or gets hurt

and here comes the part where I tie ICKY into health and wellness……………….Think of wellness choices like change that adds up. A penny, dime and quarter here and there aren’t much but over time it can add up like my husband and late fathers large coin holders.

  • the added choices over the years of no sunblock
  • the added choices of choosing nights out drinking alcohol instead
  • sleep deprivation over a good show or night out
  • passing on exercise because you don’t feel like it
  • cycling without a helmet (“nothing will happen to me”..thought process)
  • not drinking enough water or too much water you dilute your sodium stores
  • nightly sugar “treat yo-self” self medication
  • choosing pain pills over alternative options
  • not lifting weights and it’s time to move either can’t or get hurt in process
  • hurting an elbow during foosball because lack of warm up or flexibility in joints and muscles (actual client story)
  • not going to doctor(s) for routine check ups…can lead to delayed and untreated illnesses and issues
  • not being productive enough at work because you skip workouts and fuel with caffeine or sugar
  • too lazy to make or have breakfast which leads to poor food choices that stack up over time
  • too many carbs which make you sleepy and less productive at work leading to costly mistakes because you were foggy brained.
  • not taking a multi-vitamin (you need more than your mediocre diet provides)
  • not forcing your kids to eat fruits and vegetables which leads to either childhood obesity or adult struggles as habits have set in.
  • choosing tv, social media or shopping over building relationships with friends or family. Depression can set in with lack of emotional support which can lead to a whole down spiral of poor choices.
  • stress and not managing it or asking for help when needed

This list can go on and on. I’m sure you have some to add to this list as well.

Bottom line, STOP, Be Present and work on Patience (“it’s a virtue”) so you can live your best life!

Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM, LMT, TPI Level 1

Energy Fitness
Owner/Dir. of Training

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Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM, LMT, TPI Level 1

Energy Fitness
Owner/Dir. of Training