healthier crackers

September 3, 2021

Why not ditch the extra calories in traditional processed bread or crackers and opt for healthier options. Most slices of bread are about 67-92 calories each. Having switched over to gluten and dairy free for many years now I have had to find alternatives to these items. I will share some in this post that I find so that you may save calories and possibly consider switching over or maybe even offering guests alternative options.

To make this easier to digest (pun intended) I will simply list a few brands I like and how I might serve. Rarely do I ever recommend just eating even alternative versions by themselves. You will want to pair with a protein and/or veggies to keep the glycemic load down. That means keep your blood sugar from spiking as well as keeping your body more alkaline.

  • Brown Rice tortillas – my go to choice for wraps with eggs, tuna or veggies. Love some vegan cheese melted with eggs and veggies.
  • Nori sheets – raw or roasted and salted – with tuna, eggs or as snack with protein and veggies
  • Street taco size white or yellow corn tortillas – same as above or use like little pizzas and top with vegan cheese, tofu, seafood, olives, peppers and spinach.
  • Cauliflower or Mixed grain gluten and dairy free pizza crust – same as above ingredients.
  • Multigrain crackers (gluten free) available at Costco – with veggies and protein
  • Lettuce Wraps – tuna, salmon, shrimp, eggs, black bean burger patty, peppers and other veggies with hot sauce or low fat salad dressing.
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers (lot’s of flavor choices) – these are very hearty chips, usually paired with veggies and a protein.
  • Blue Diamond brand Nut Thins – pair with tuna or black bean dip
  • Whole grain Brown Rice Cakes (Lundberg Brand) They come in thin stacks or round size and are great for nut butters. They can be used with guacamole or hummus or eaten as a side plain as a sub for crackers or bread.
  • RuGarcia Lentil & Tumeric Crackers, sweet potato, or beet crackers – great by themselves or with a salad. I love to melt vegan cheese and hot sauce and pair with veggies and protein like eggs, lox or seafood.
  • Simple Mills brand Almond Flour Crackers (only if someone else buys these)
  • Organic Carrot Chips (not my favorite but will do in a pinch) dip with black bean dip from sprouts grocery store

Check out your dairy free and gluten free isles at your local grocery stores or online. Ask any gluten free or healthy eaters you know for other suggestions. I’m sure I am missing something and will think of it after posting. In the past 10 years the food industry has really made some great alternatives and responded with lower calorie & less processed options. Don’t be fooled by the latest KETO trend as if you eat higher carb foods for the rest of your meals and go high fat on Keto foods thinking you are doing great then think again. Calories add up no matter how you stack them. Be sensible and look at ingredients and overall fat, carb, fiber, sodium, sugar, protein and total calories. Be sure you can pronounce ingredients.


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