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June 14, 2017

Jennifer Jordan is a golf instructor in the Memphis area and has partnered with & (me) Tonya Tittle, owner of Energy Fitness (an award-winning personal training studio), golf conditioning specialist and golf enthusiast.
We wanted to share Jennifer’s knowledge and experience to improve how you hit a 35-40 yard approaching pitch shot to the green. For those of you new to golf or have an interest a pitch shot is an abbreviated full swing.

As you watch the video below and see her stand on one leg you can see why balance training and why working with a stability ball can help you improve your fitness and golf game. Below the video I include a few exercises and stretches to help you specific to this shot as well as general fitness and the rest of your golf game.


Steal these moves!

1 Leg squat – touch the floor (beginners you may want to hold onto something stable with 1 hand).
Try 10-12 reps for 2 sets twice a week. Make sure your knee does not go over your toe. Push from your heel and squeeze your butt on way back up to starting position.

1 Leg Heel pushes for hamstring strength and core balance. Can be performed with or without weight on hip. Beginners may need both feet on ball. Try 15-50 (that’s right I said 50) reps. for 1-2 sets with 2 sets being optimal. Caution this exercise often causes the hamstrings or calves to cramp in some people. If you haven’t done this exercise before be aware that the post workout soreness can sneak up on you.

Stability ball – legs up wall with upper body rotation
If feeling stable do as pictured with both legs up the wall. If a little or a lot nervous that you are going to bust it and go tumbling off the ball then try this with 1 leg on the ground and maybe even reaching for the ground with the other hand as you rotate to one side. To properly keep the abs/core engaged remember to tilt your pelvis/hips up towards your chest as you perform the exercise. Try 10-25 reps each side depending on your skill level.

Flexibility – Chair twist
Hold for 30 seconds to 3 minutes each direction depending on your tightness in this position. Be sure to sit up as tall as possible. Each time you exhale you should be able to inch a little further and settle into the stretch.

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