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July 14, 2017

I challenge you to make a list of your habits based on a daily, weekly or monthly timeline. Chances are that you have a different set of habits you may need to adjust or adopt to begin getting your right-size body.

As a fitness professional at Energy Fitness in Memphis for over 20 years I realize that I have created automatic habits that allow me the ability of fitting in my clothes all seasons and feel great as well as slow the aging process. Having these set of habits leaves my willpower refreshed as it just becomes “who I am and what I do.”

How many of my habits below can or should you adopt and make automatic for you?


  • feel responsible for my own food and drink choices
  • plan ahead if I know I will be somewhere for an extended period of time without “my food options”
  • drink water with or after meals and snacks
  • pack protein shakes and shaker cups for travel
  • have a protein shake post-workout (within 30 minutes)
  • pack my supplements for travel
  • make sure I have a two weeks supply of supplements so there is no time without
  • find the nearest grocery store near lodging when traveling
  • mentally make a note before I eat if I’m hungry and look at clock
  • am aware of hormonal fluctuations which affect my meal and appetite
  • put my exercise clothes out the night before, as well as clothes for the day
  • pack my lunch for work night before
  • make sure i enough tap water in my refillable bpa free water bottles for the car
  • make sure there is enough eggs, almond milk, and green veggies for at least two days ahead
  • buy at minimum 4 (1.5 dozen) egglands best eggs during a shopping trip
  • put lotion on my skin within 10 minutes post shower/bath
  • use coconut oil as a face moisturizer before bed.
  • put sunscreen 50-70 spf before exercising outdoors or for extended periods of leisure time
  • take my waist water bottle container during runs even as short at 20 minutes
  • if i exercise more than 45 minutes of long cardio then I take more branched chain amino acids and/or sodium/potassium capsules.
  • wear polarized eye glasses
  • stretch dynamic and sport specific pre-exercise minimum 2 minutes
  • re-evaluate as needed my nutritional & supplement needs based on what body feedback signs I am experiencing


  • sit down or stand in same area to eat meals
  • am aware of times during my athletic training schedule in which I need to consume more or less calories as well as when racing at what points in the race I need to replenish via food or supplements.
  • plan my binge “doughnut or cake” days, weeks, and months in advance (must be vanilla cream filled doughnut)
  • take a digestive enzyme during the doughnut or cake day
  • add sea salt to my meals since I’m so active and don’t consume enough sodium from food (I watch the color of my urine and if clear to pale yellow i know i need more sodium)
  • prepare extra at meal times to have food available later that is ready to go
  • make a list for the grocery store and categorize by the different areas items are located (I mostly shop the outside isles)
  • eat my veggies raw or slightly steamed or pan cooked in healthy oils
  • eat out of the same lunch dish or plate for my meals
  • eat 1-2 hours before bed
  • avoid TV and screen time 1-2 hours before bed (stimulates brain hyperactivity-blue light)
  • stretch about 2-5 minutes right before hopping into bed – use as transition activity
  • place prepared dishes or leftovers  in a clear glass container to remind me of what’s available to eat and ready to go for the next meal.


  • drink wine or alcohol
  • serve my children fruit drinks or sodas
  • eat pasta or rice (only on re-feed days post race and if feeling exhausted)
  • eat bread (must be van’s gluten free waffle that I use as bread or another gluten free alternative)


  • skip meals
  • eat fruit with meals or within 4 hours post improperly combined meal (causes bloating & gas for me)
  • eat chicken, pork, red meat or bottom dweller (fish)
  • drink beer
  • drink soda pops
  • drink coffee or caffeinated drinks
  • drink carbonated beverages
  • eat cheese or drink milk
  • eat pasta with gluten or wheat
  • buy things that have a food label and not read ingredients
  • take and eat food from a “food pusher” without knowing ingredients
  • feel obligated to eat someone’s cooking just to be polite and not offend
  •  think and get excited about “all the new restaurants that will be available” during travel
  • workout on a full stomach

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