reduce shoulder and neck pain

November 17, 2018

Lot’s of you reading this I’m sure have suffered from headaches on a regular or occasional basis. Don’t live with the pain or take an NSAID as that’s just putting a band-aid on it. Our massage therapists at Energy Fitness in Downtown Memphis can reduce or eliminate your shoulder or neck pain and headaches.  Think about how often you are hunkered over a desk or looking down at your smart device and what that can do to your neck muscles.

Every time I get a massage I have to find my happy place when the therapist is working on the anterior side of my upper body. I don’t enjoy getting this area worked but it’s worth it when it’s finished. After a massage my posture is more aligned and I’m more aware of not stressing those same muscles. Also, post massage is a great time to start focusing on strength training your posture muscles and keeping them stretched out.

Watch the video below to hear our massage therapist Drew Sherrod, LMT talk about what muscles need to be released to get relief.

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