reducing cortisol with sleep habits

June 5, 2021

I made a video a while back and thought I would use for this blog post along with some supplement suggestions for those of you that struggle with sleep. Not getting enough sleep is a chronic issue so many people have. We all need to be protecting our sleep like a guard dog protects a property. If you aren’t starting the day refreshed then a snowball effect can occur that can make us reach for caffeine, sugar, fattening food or alcohol which can further decay good sleep habits.

I decided to cave and take a supplement as I would just get up and pee 3-4 times per night which absolutely can make you feel less rested. I always am amazed and a bit jealous when I meet people that don’t get up at all during the night to urinate. Lucky!

I have multiple ways to check the quality of my sleep. The sleep number bed and my Garmin watch are great at stats. The stats don’t always line up, but I don’t get to fixated on them. I just make sure to be circling the bed near 8:30 if my goal is to rise at 4:40 am to start workouts at 5 for weight training days. Why so early? Excuses and obligations come faster when workouts are delayed in the day.


Here are a few supplements that clients like, that you may want to check out from Metagenics.



Protect Your Slumber!

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