June 10, 2021

I have created so many videos over the years that may be useful to you now or for you to at least have the knowledge and tools to prevent injuries in the future. Check out this at home, at a park, traveling, or at your gym you can do with minimal equipment such as a dowel, broomstick, golf club or just cross your arms across your chest as seen in short video below. Want to increase the intensity? Try a medicine ball, band, dumbbell or cable. I talk fast so you may wish to adjust your volume up.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients or people tell me they injured their back by lifting and twisting something and then are in pain anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Think about your muscles and fascia covering large portions of your body as having the ability to get adhesions or “cobwebs”. You just want to have as much range of motion and mobility as you can to avoid pinching or twisting something the wrong way. To do that you have to move the body in different motions and at different speeds and WITH GOOD FORM! Also making sure you breathe.

Try the exercise below slow at first especially if you are not warmed-up properly. A proper warm-up looks differently for different people and ages of individuals. As we age we need more time to warm-up the body (like say 15 minutes into the workout or if you have passively warmed up from a hot bath). Then you may progress to the faster sport motion. You will notice your core working to accelerate and decelerate to the other side.

How many Reps & Sets should I do?

Go for time: 20 seconds for 3 sets or…

Reps, Sets & Frequency: 30 reps each side for 3 sets, Can be done several times per week.

Note that you need to hip hinge and unlock the knees.

Be sure to rest in between sets so you can let your muscles recover. You know all the ATP can be regenerated, catch your breath…etc.

Side story: I have my 11 year old on a weight training program now. He is shown how to do it then is responsible for making it happen without me breathing down his neck. I do have to remind him to do the workouts though as he forgets he needs to do twice a week. He tries to speed through the sets and do all of the same exercise in a row with minimal rest just to get it over with (in his own words). I keep trying to tell him that is not how it works and if he’s doing that then he needs heavier weights and needs to slow down to use muscle and not momentum. He recently said, the workouts are getting easier in which I replied, “No, You are getting stronger!”. After he mowed the lawn for the second time he decided his strength training workouts make mowing easier. Wohooo, he might be getting the point. ha, ha…just a few weeks before I change his workouts again (every 6 weeks).

In all that we do, it really is best if our body can do it optimally from a muscle and joint standpoint as well as cardio, flexibility and mental toughness angle!

For you sports enthusiasts this movement is especially great for paddling, tennis, golf, swimming and other rotational sports. Runners can even benefit from this.

This video was taken when we were onsite in Memphis. After 18+ years we relocated March 2021 to Travelers Rest, SC (Greenville, South Carolina). In fact, this month June 2021 Energy Fitness is celebrating 19 years (we are still online personal training and working on the location for my new area). See below on how to personal train with me online or write a custom program for you.

Find Tonya online with live personal training/coaching or hire her to write a program for you with your own personalized 4-6 minute demo of each of your custom workouts included. Greenville, South Carolina site to be available this year in the town of Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Stay tuned for more details as we are working on securing a location. Memphis location 552 South Main, Memphis, TN 38103 is no longer onsite for training, massage and nutrition coaching.

Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM, LMT, TPI Level 1
Energy Fitness
Owner/Dir. of Training

If you haven’t had a functional movement assessment with a professional observe the way you move different joints and movements with your hips, shoulders, and spine then how do you know you are doing the most effective strength training, flexibility or cardio program? Hire someone like me to get you on track with a program to help you reduce current pain, eliminate pain, improve your current program or enhance your athletic performance.