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August 26, 2021

My son asked me if I knew that our skin is an organ. He has just learned this in 6th grade. I said yes, and it’s your largest organ. He sometimes forgets how much education I have actually had on the human body and of course parents don’t know anything, right! He went on to say our skin is the only organ that can heal itself, if for example a chunk of skin were cut off your body it will mend and close the gap.

Now of course if will be different looking with scar tissue and less elasticity in that area. Your body goes through different stages to repair your skin. In the acute stage you will have redness, irritation, inflammation and sensitivity. This is when the body is laying down new collagen in random fashion. Your skin is also susceptible to absorbing toxins and chemicals. Think of all the lotions, creams, soaps, bug sprays, the plastics that hold some of these items, etc that you put on your skin as well as what’s in the environment.

First-degree burns are usually healed completely within 3-5 days. Second-degree burns take 5-8 days to heal if the damage is deep and months if someone has sensitive skin. Third-degree burns need surgical removal of the dead skin and then coverage with a skin graft to restore the pliability and function of the burn area.

I was reminded in February just how amazing the integumentary (skin) system is and had to endure the healing stages for many months. Let’s just say that over the counter glycolic acid is not available to the public for good reason. One of my vendors that we purchase from sells glycolic acid for their beauty products we would use for facials. I had an OCD moment by getting a little crazy on how much I rubbed on a dark spot I wanted gone. Should have used a Q-tip, not my index finger and a cotton pad. I burned just below my lower lip by rubbing too much and too long.  Eeeeek! Won’t do that again! Now, 6 months later there is a permanent indentation where some skin is missing.

Anyway, the point for this blog post is that I tried lots of things initially to keep infection from setting in and then keeping the area from contracture (permanent shortening of the new collagen). In phase 2 and 3 I finally found out by accident one day that the Zinc Oxide that I had put on my face before a run helped reduce redness.  I googled zinc oxide and found it helpful for reducing acne as well as inflammation for scars. It can help keep the sun away as well. Getting sun on a scar before redness is gone can keep it red forever possibly. Adherence is the key to scar treatment and can take up to 6 months of use to see a change (I can vouch for that sadly).I like Neutrogena products best for facial sunscreen to avoid breakouts.

Our skin is kind to us so be kind to it with the products you put on it and the food you put in your body. When you eat more clean with lots of fruits and veggies you likely notice more glow to your skin. Beta-carotene veggies like orange and red peppers as well as carrots can be a natural SPF to your skin and may help you spend more time in the sun without getting burned.




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