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September 25, 2021

Wowza! Have your legs been so tired and you went to relieve yourself using a public toilet and your legs were on fire from the hovering position? Mostly this is aimed at women I’m sure as most men will either hold it or put toilet paper on the seat. Am I really discussing urinating in public toilets? You bet!

Traveling recently to Memphis and back to South Carolina I had several pit stops on the road since it’s an 8 hour trip one way. To be efficient with time, lack of hooks or places for bags, purses, phone or keys inevitably one must hover to get it done and get back on the road.

What stands out in my mind is that burning feeling in the quads and tight solus muscle (lower calf). Having seen so many clients over the years not be able to do a proper squat this inability can easily transfer to public bathroom hovering events.

Check out the combo exercise below. It’s a static squat with a bicep curl. The dumbbell could easily be what ever you are holding in your hands that there is no place to put in the stall.

This exercise is especially great for people with sway back as it also gives a great posterior pelvic tilt stretch in the lower back (lumbar region). Be sure to shift weight back trying to avoid having the knees over the toes.

Below is shown where dumbbell curl comes to finish position towards the opposite chest slightly across the sternum (breastbone). Notice the heels are on the ground and I’m resting one forearm just above my knee. The low back is flat as well as the upper back. You should be forcing your chest out. This is a different type squat hold than a squat trying to teach you how to be more upright in a squat. This is one for me I still work on after 30 years of running.

Go for either time or reps. You can do either version or both. Try holding it for 30 seconds and work up to 1 minute. Want to get stronger and have more leg endurance faster? Perform every other day and see feel those legs not burn as much and the time fly by.







And just for good measure here’s a few quad stretches to keep those muscles from cramping up and increase flexibility and mobility. For the second stretching picture likely you will need to be up on your elbows for this one as most people can’t lie back all the way.  Use caution and common sense not to force it if you have knee issues. Hold for 30 seconds for up to 3 minutes and do these stretches everyday.







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