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February 27, 2021

As a personal trainer with Energy Fitness and now massage therapist in training (just have to take licensing exam now, then I’ll be official ;)) There are lots of you that don’t realize how you might need strengthen your inner thigh muscles. Did you know that when you stand on one leg to balance while say putting on your undergarments or pants, shorts, skirts that a large strap muscle called the sartorius assists in the feat?

Check out the three variations of inner ball exercises from the videos below and go for 1-3 sets of 50-100 reps. Newbies, it’s gonna start burning. If you must, take a five second break and press on.

Let’s be honest you guys need this exercise also as you have the same muscles as women. Having week inner or outer thigh muscles can make you use compensatory walking patterns which can lead to hip, knee or low back pain due to the imbalance.

The exercises pictured below all have the knees bent (hip flexed) so try this next suggestion also. While getting in position for IT2 exercise lift your butt up into a bridge up as you push though your heels and engage your butt while doing. While the ball is in between your knees and you are in bridge up go for the 50-100 reps. Different muscles are now engaged and remember it’s all about muscle balance. Don’t forget to breathe!


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