Eric & Brandi Wilson (training for “The Big Day”)

December 29, 2010by TonyaTittle

Eric lost 50 pounds, 40 inches, 13% body fat, gained 6 inches of flexibility, and decreased his blood pressure from 136/94 to 12/78, Reduced his resting heart from from 70 beats per minute to 56 beats per min. He went from doing 14 push ups with terrible form to 33 reps with perfect form – “I learned good eating habits . . . it opened my eyes . . .” Eric

Brandi lost 40 pounds, 24 inches, 11.6 % body fat, gained 4 inches of flexibility, decreased her resting heart rate from 86 beats per minute to 68 beats per min., and went from doing 4 push ups to 23 reps with great form – “before I started I was afraid to go to the gym because I didn’t know what I was doing . . . ” Brandi

The Happy Couple just a week prior to their wedding (their motivation for change)

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