Christmas is over now it’s time to muscle up those arms to help restrain too much unplanned food going in your mouth and straight to places you don’t want or need. Here’s 4 exercises like a 4 twined fork to help you get through the end of Christmas and the New Year’s.

Think of your deltoid muscles as your assistants or coach to getting you back on track. Start or crank up your workout so your shoulders are a bit sore as a reminder of your goal to push food away from that mouth or prevent you from reaching in the freezer or pantry for unhealthy snacks.

Lying front uppers with band (anterior deltoids)  •    V’s (variation of a side raise) middle deltoids


Band Upright Row (middle deltoids)            •   Lying Band Reverse Fly (posterior deltiods)

How many reps should I do? Typically band exercises lean more towards muscular endurance so a range of 15-20 reps 2- 3 times per week would be optimal. Try for some cardio or abs for 30 seconds between sets of same exercise.

If you are doing with harder resistance bands then go slower and shoot for perfect form. 8-10 reps typically a 6 second count on the execution phase and a 2-3 second count on the negative phase will build muscular strength. You will need more rest between each exercise when going for muscular strength.

Start today and by spring those shoulders will look amazing for the beach or poolside and
maybe even through your clothes.

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