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July 9, 2021

Can’t think of lots of different cardio exercises to keep you on track to get or maintain the body you want? Struggling? We’ve made it easier to get your brain and body going with a video we’ve updated. We usually include this video as part of our clients welcome email sequence. We’ve updated it to include up to 28 activities and decided to include it in this blog post.

When we create custom/personalized strength training exercise programs for our clients we often get asked “What should I do for cardio and how often?”. That’s a bit of a loaded question. If we are customizing programs, then this is customized as well. Generally 5-6 days of cardio per week, 10-45 minutes depending on your goals. Aim for hit training twice each week for cardio and of course if you can lift weights at minimum twice each week you will only be stronger in your cardio bouts.

Consider an individuals motivation for exercise and results they crave

Internal motivation: This means that you are hard on yourself and keep yourself accountable, use time, reps, sets or distance, pictures and always learning and pushing yourself to be your best. You adjust your diet and/or exercise to come up to meet your current needs or goals. You typically don’t need someone to tell you what to do as you know or have the time and energy to research what you should do and what works for your body. If you keep getting injuries or little aches and pains then you may need to seek out professional advice of a personal trainer or coach.

External motivation: This means that you need accountability from an outside source because you have a very loaded schedule and have a hard time breaking away to take care of you. This can also mean that you thrive off of feedback either positive or negative from an outside source such as a friend, family member, nutrition coach or personal trainer. You need someone to tell you the right way to do things because in exercise you just get too flustered and don’t want to think about it or don’t know how to not get injured or injure yourself further.

You may also need to consider other conditions

What equipment do you have available both indoors and outdoors. Do you have proper shoes and safety equipment, bike, golf clubs, tennis racquets, stroller or bike trailer for kids, stationary equipment, bike trainer, swimming pool or nearby lake, mountains, hills, rivers/lake/ocean for paddling canoe, kayak or paddle board.

Environment: Do you have a workout space in hour living space, at work, at studio, at a gym, outside space?

Climate: Is it hot, humid, cold, foggy, rainy, flat, hilly, curvy, not safe riding lanes or running lanes, too urban, too country (dogs or animals as a threat), crime rate, too dark early or vice versa.

Cardio Express Video..revised 2021

The first several are great warm-up drills for running or racquet sports. Look at intensity and form. When I’m on the machines you will see me demo different intensities or even standing on the upright stationary bicycle. For the slide board you can use sliding discs and for a step you can use a step in your house to go up and down on face the step. Not even listed is the fact that you can run or walk stairs using every step on the way up or skipping a step on the way up. TAKE A LOOK !

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Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM, LMT, TPI Level 1
Energy Fitness
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November 15, 2019

Why do the same cardio over and over again? So boring! When clients at Energy Fitness personal training studio hire us as their personal trainer and Accountability Coach we send them a 7 minute video entitled Cardio Express. The video shows many different types of cardio and how to achieve the HIT training (high intensity training) even without equipment. Short bursts of cardio can stimulate the human growth hormone and mimics strength training for the results it can achieve. Just think about the difference of muscle mass between long distance runners versus Olympic divers, gymnasts, sprinters and weight lifters to mention a few.

Jumping rope is great cardio as well as a great cross training option. This post aims to teach you 4 variations of jumping rope. Let’s first chat about making it more efficient with a jump rope that fits you well. Picking the right type of rope is personal preference as there are different handles as well as material for the rope itself. For true beginners or those that haven’t jumped rope for many years you may wish to get a beaded rope that is easily adjustable for height by simply taking a few plastic links off.


To figure out what length of jump rope you need grab a measuring tape. Standing and with both feet together measure from the bottom of one armpit down to the floor, under the feet and up to the other armpit. In easier terms, when you get your rope and stand on it in the middle and grasp both handle’s they should be just under your armpits for a proper fit.

Here are few different types of ropes to choose from. Online shopping is abundant in choices. My favorite is the black one with tiny weights in the handles and a plastic rope.


When you start jumping you will notice that your arms/shoulders may burn a little as it’s a great bonus to help work the shoulders as well. Consider stretching not only your calves but also your shoulders and biceps post workout. Notice I included a picture of a clever device to stretch your calves as you will want to lengthen your calf muscles post jumping or they might seize up on you or when you are really sore the next day be reminded that you tortured them. Of course you can just stretch your calves with downward facing dog, hanging heels of step or a staggered calf stretch or any of  the pics shown of stretches below. The blue moon as I call it can help prevent or decrease plantar fasciitis pain and give you a more intense stretch than you can get without it. One thing to consider is that many of our clients complain of knee pain and this is often from tight calves, so rub them, stretch them or cup them if you must just keep them well taken care of.


How many reps of jumping rope should I do? 

Beginners 100-300

Intermediate 500-700

Advanced and worked up to: 100-2000+


Try timing how long it takes you when you first start to jump 100 reps and write it down. As you get better and get more cardio you can do more without feeling like you are going to die or cramp up.

You can even mix it into your weight training workouts or a run. Last week I wanted to mix it up and enjoy the sun on my face so after each mile I jumped 500 reps for a total of 3.5 miles and 1500 jumps ropes.

Jumping rope for runners is especially great as it can help keep your hips from locking up from the dreadful same movement pattern that running enforces and help with your leg turnover. It can help keep the swagger in your hips ladies and gents!

Here’s some stretches as mentioned above:




Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM, TPI Level 1 Certified
Owner/Dir. of Training, Energy Fitness (established 2002)

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