meal timing

February 28, 2018

Please just tell me what to eat!!!!!!!!!!!

This phrase is heard over and over again at Energy Fitness, a personal training and nutrition coaching studio with massage and body wraps located Downtown Memphis since 2002. What I’ve noticed being in the fitness industry over 25 years as far as nutrition is related is that there are so many factors that are related to nutrition success.

Are you like the majority of our clients and just can’t get your eating and food choices automated?

Have you ever thought about using the clock as your indicator of it’s time to eat?  

Check out my short video below on how to make this happen for you. I added some tough comments as you may need to hear them. In the video I scribbled down on a sheet of paper my meal times so as to help you created your own eating schedule.

If you viewed my video above then maybe consider ditching the statements or excuses below and try using the clock to monitor and automate your eating choices. Hint…If you buy a type of food or beverage at the store in hopes that you will have enough willpower to not have it think again! I often fantasize about eating doughnuts, french fries, and cake so much more than I actually do because I have a self-imposed flat belly schedule I have to stick to 80% of the time.

Do any of the statements below sound like you or someone you know?

  • I start a “diet” and can’t stick with it for more than a day or a week
  • People all around me are sabotaging my success (Don’t be a victim!)
  • I don’t want to weigh or measure my food (try treating it like a short educational processes until you realize what a true portion size is)
  • I feel like I am depriving myself when I change my food habits
  • I feel hungry all the time when I eat less
  • I go long periods of time without eating (I’m busy or forget to eat)
  • I don’t like to fix my own food
  • It’s just easier to eat out
  • I don’t like to shop for groceries
  • I don’t like to take my lunch or food to work
  • I like to socialize with friends or co-workers during a lunch out of the office
  • I have so much weight to lose what’s the point of trying
  • I’m confused and don’t know if I should eat low fat, low carb, high-protein, do intermediate fasting, etc.

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