Love Your Feet – Try This Easy Self Massage Technique

April 2, 2021by TonyaTittle

So often as a fitness professional it never fails, I tell people when asked what I do for a living and they start spilling out all their woes/pains and struggles to keep or get fit. Some are easy suggestions while others are more complex and out of my scope of practice.  Think of your feet as your base of support for balance and aid in your walking/gait pattern.

If you wear shoes that are either too high in the heel or the reverse, too low you may start having ankle, foot, knee, hip or back problems. Often you start compensating which can cause nagging pains and even affect your performance in a sport. Heck, even if you are a desk jockey or nursing a chronic injury you can really compound the effects by not properly taking care of your feet.

This is a great self care tool at the beginning and end of each day. Try for 30 seconds to one minute every day for 6 weeks and track results. Often we forget about the pains when they go away.

There is no sound in this video. You can either use a dowel, a foot reflexology roller, golf ball or as you see in the video a hard rubber ball (often found in Old Navy stores for a quarter I believe). When you come across a tender point try and hold it in that position until the pain dissipates. The more pressure you put on it the slower you need to go across the fascia. For those of you interested in reflexology, try to look up on a chart online where you felt pain or tenderness as it relates to parts of the body and body organs.

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