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July 4, 2019

Energy Fitness personal training studio in Memphis is more than just a training and nutrition coaching studio. We are about helping clients feel and look their best. We asked our Massage Therapist Mae Jensen, LMT to do this post on facial rolling and massage so you can be in the know and put your best face forward. These little inexpensive tools can be a great addition to your body and skincare routine. In early May if you live in the Memphis area you are very aware of the Tennessee snow (cottonwood) in the air and undoubtedly feel or have felt the toll it takes on your sinuses.

Let’s take a minute to talk about facial massage and our lymphatic system

The lymph system is kind of like the trash collector of our body, gathering up toxins and taking them to removal sites, our kidneys/liver and urinary system. Unlike our cardiovascular system there aren’t any valves or pumps to move things along so sometimes things stay stagnant. Did you know that weight lifting naturally helps to stimulate the lymphatic system? Massage offers benefits by using light pressure and rolling motions thus helping flush out the pipes and get rid of the symptoms of a backed up lymph system such as:

  • fluid retention

  • puffy/red eyes

  • breakouts

Here are two tools that you might want in your facial care toolbox! Left is Jade roller. Right is Rose Quartz Acupoint Tool Set. (click on images to see on Amazon)

So how do we start?

1. Apply an oil or lotion to you face to help reduce friction, you can use an SPF lotion in the morning and a nice collagen or vitamin E oil in the evenings to help protect from sun damage and wrinkles.
2. Using your fingers or a Jade roller start at your inner cheeks, by your nose and stroke towards your ears. Most skin care professionals suggest doing each motion 10 times or for one minute
3. Move on to the forehead next, starting at your eyebrows and moving upwards to your hairline then sweep outwards at the top, repeating 10 times or for 1 minute. (I like to additionally roll the eyebrows because all those moments furrowing at the kids to do chores seem to tighten this muscle creating deeper forehead lines. Tonya) 
4. Next starting at the center of your chin move outwards and up along the jaw to help naturally lift the skin, repeating 10 times or for 1 minute. (I like to additionally roll the jaw muscle to alleviate any TMJ tension, Tonya)
5. Once you’ve finished the face its time to move all the drainage to your main lymph nodes. Locate the jawline, at the end of the jawbone use gentle downward strokes moving to the mid collarbones, taking care not to massage your carotid artery.
6. Finish off by gentling tapping all over your face, like you’re playing a piano to stimulate you skin and wake up the lymph system.Image result for facial rolling map

Take this time to really connect and thank your body for the protection it offers us.

Don’t forget we offer an amazing facial upgrade to any of our massage services with Mae using the all natural products from the M’lis skin care line.

The M’Lis face wash wakes your skin with natural caffeine from green tea, followed by an invigorating exfoliation with apricot seeds, we then tone and tighten with natural collagen and clay mask. Lastly we give your skin a deep moisture treatment using Apple stem cells and a cool jade stone roller to seal and protect your pores. Be on the lookout for some amazing new skin care products coming this summer. We’re all about natural products!

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October 20, 2018

Are you one of the many that over-indulge over the Holidays, and then end up starting the New Year feeling sluggish and out of shape? The personal trainers at Energy Fitness, downtown Memphis often get an influx of new clients  wanting to get a jump start on the Holidays starting as early as October. Wouldn’t it be fun to look and feel your best this year while catching up with family and friends over the Holidays? (Do you really want your friends to see you out of shape hiding yourself in baggy clothes or hear the broken record of how everyone is going to start working out and eating right when the new year gets here?) Personally, I think January is the worst time ever to be motivated to make such a lifestyle change. I mean really…it’s cold, dark, and uninspiring! Do the hard work when covered up with long sleeves and pants and be ready for the big reveal when spring hits.

What simple strategies below are you willing to implement NOW?

If you don’t already have one, start an exercise routine. No time like the present, why wait until AFTER the holidays? All of those Holiday treats should be good motivation.

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Plan your meals ( and your treats) Eating meals lower in calories and heavy on the veggies during the Holiday season leave you a little more room for those treats. If you are eating clean 80% of the time the other 20% of the time you can indulge. (You can call them “treat days” I straight up call them binges in the most positive way possible. I like to save my binge times for one day and have say 3 doughnuts all at once. You might say WOW that’s crazy..Think about it…it’s really a better option to go big and get it out of your system than having a little every other day that add up to far more calories in the long run than my 3 doughnuts once a month). Just don’t keep the treats hanging around the house or in sight.

Pack your lunch for work (you won’t have a choice but to eat what you have brought)

Snacking..Be aware of how much you have been snacking, and have healthy snack options on hand in the office, in your purse or briefcase, home or car (be careful of the car as sometimes it can be a cue for mindless snacking).

Ditch the sodas

Drink more water.  Divide your body weight in half and try to drink that many ounces daily.

Cut back the alcohol

Get in more steps. Park in the farthest spot, take the stairs, keep moving!

Sleep more! There is youth and vibrancy in at least 7 hours of sleep.

Track your results. Nothing keeps us as motivated as seeing proof our healthy habits are working.

At Energy Fitness we are here to help motivate you and provide you with all the resources you need to be your best self this Holiday season (and always…my motto is be beach ready all year long.)

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September 30, 2018

There are a variety of reasons why we don’t get the care we deserve. Energy Fitness personal trainers, massage therapist and energy healing practitioners act as an extension of providing self-care to Memphis area residents.

For many, the challenge with self-care may have to do with money and the lack of health insurance and for others it’s just the attitude “I’ll do it later, I’m to busy or it’s boring and I’m fine attitude.”  I remember a few years back when my husband was working on his rental flipping business and we had terrible insurance with high deductibles with not a ton of benefits. We just got by with the basics and paid out of pocket for the rest. Whatever your reason for putting off taking care of yourself why not evaluate the reasons behind it and start becoming your own best health detective and find health partners that don’t just tell you what to do but act as a team member for your good health.

Your health is a priority that matters.
Get in the habit of practicing Great Self-Care as you deserve it!

I’ve both paid for and bartered my skills for years for the services of others, such as a massage, facial, or a haircut. It’s quite liberating to take care of yourself and feel amazing.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is there a health-related issue that your’re concerned about?  I’ve known clients and individuals wait for years for a suspicious lump or more checked, out of fear it might be bad news. Getting checked out gives you peace of mind instead of the fear lurking always around the corner.
  2. Do your teeth need to be straightened, or are your feet so sore you limit yourself to only one type of shoes?  A loved one in my family always hated their crooked teeth and finally decided to get them fixed and is so much happier and more confident.
  3. Are you overdue for a routine maintenance appointment? Consider this a checklist or a test in which you should score at least an 80 due to the 80/20 principle. 80% of the time do what’s right and healthy so that you don’t have to scrape and climb your way to the top when sickness or other circumstances happen.
  4. Are you making sleep a priority? Are you getting at least 7 hours EVERY night or at least 5 days a week? This is a must for brain health and muscle recovery. Sleep is a high priority in our household!

Answer the take stock of  your health quiz below to see your action items:

___Have you had a physical in the past 12 months?

___Have you had an eye exam in the past 24 months?

___Is a trip to the dentist in order?

___How’s your back? Could a massage therapist or good chiropractor be what you need?

___Are you happy with your hair or has the same person cut/colored it for years? I just switched to and do those pesky grays myself for dirt cheap

___Have you had a manicure or a pedicure lately? I’d rather do this myself and actually have to force myself to do this as I can’t stand to sit still long enough to have a professional do it.

___How about a facial? It may seem like a luxury, trust me- as you get older, you’ll be glad that you’ve taken good care of your skin.

___Is it time or a mammogram or prostate screening?

___Do you workout? having a scheduled block of time devoted to you makes you stick with it. 

___Do you know how to exercise properly for your body? If not consider hiring a personal trainer

___Do you eat healthy and not too big of portions or too late at night? consider hiring a nutrition coach or reading some books with great reviews and see what works for your body type and personality

___Do you stretch to counter all the sitting we do? Sitting for extended periods of time is bad for your health regardless of if you ran 6 miles this morning.

___Do you practice mindfulness or meditation? It’s amazing what even 5 minutes can do for your mental state

These are just a few examples of basic body care areas that, when handled, go a long way in supporting our emotional and physical self-care as well as keep you aging gracefully.

Remember that today’s choices become tomorrows circumstances.

We do our best to coach our clients to think of their health as the decisions they make today pointing their lives in the directions they want to head. 

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