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July 20, 2019

It’s pretty flat in the delta and depending on where you live if you are in the Memphis area you may have to go out the way to find hills or stairs. Just a short jog or walk from Energy Fitness studio we are blessed to have 3 sets of stairs with panoramic views of the Mississippi River, Downtown Memphis and the farmlands in Arkansas across the river. These stairs are on Riverside Drive that lead to the bluff or down to Tom Lee Park (where the Memphis in May Music Festival takes place).

Doing stairs for cardio is a great way to do interval training as there is no quicker way to get the heart rate up than vertical ascension training. This is why we do the 3 minute step test for those with no knee issues and with the ability to step up and down on a 12 inch step at 96 bpm as part of clients fitness assessment testing cardiovascular endurance.

I ran across this video in my files and figured out how to rotate it in movie maker so I could inspire you to go outside and take on a set of stairs either in your home town or while on vacation.

Mix it up and make it a little more exciting.  Often people that have knee issues and can’t pound the pavement/asphalt can walk or jog the stairs as the ground forces are different on the ligaments. I can attest to that as currently I’m having some MCL issues and stairs are great and no knee pain. One tip I might pass on is that compression socks may help your calves from being crazy sore the new few days.

In the video you will see several variations I like to teach clients or when we do an occasional field trip to the stairs from the studio.

Here are some of the names of the variations you will see in the video:

  • skip every step ascending
  • turn body sideways to go lateral every step descending
  • lateral switching legs every step plyometrics ascending
  • every other step wide and diagonal ascending
  • descending with focus on landing on heels of feet
  • descending backwards (hold on if necessary and possible)
  • internal and external hip/leg rotation on ascent
  • high knees descending
  • plyo hops every step ascending
  • lateral every other step ascending
  • turn body sideways – lateral every step on way up

Video length: just under 3 minutes! LOOK what you can get done in a short time that’s gonna be great for your body.



Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM, TPI Level 1 Certified
Owner/Dir. of Training, Energy Fitness (established 2002)

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December 3, 2014

Tonya Tittle, Owner & personal trainer at Energy Fitness in Memphis, shares with you a nutrition coaching tip for success if you want a lean body.

Do you find yourself unsure of what kind of snacks to pack that are full of good fats and healthy to flip your fat burning switch to the “ON” position? Does what kind of day you have start with the number on the scale?

weight scale 214

You need to always be prepared.  That means you need to plan ahead and make a list before you go to the grocery store and use my tips on recommended food items to pick up or order online.

Check out the video I made below for some ideas on what to pick up during your next grocery store visit.  For the coconut flakes and nuts I often purchase online at Nuts in Bulk.  Use the discount code “bulk” to save 5% on your order, this code at least pays for some of the shipping.  Compare with  as they have amazing prices.

I used to buy roasted nuts, however, they contain peanut oil and cottonseed oil (most packaged, roasted and even bulk bins at Fresh Market contain these oils which are not the good fats).  I recommend the raw unsalted almonds and cashews. You can always coat in some coconut oil or not, salt and roast yourself which is much healthier and takes about 10-12 minutes to bake in oven at about 385 degrees.  When I purchase 5-25 pound bags I refrigerate the portion I’m ready to use and store the rest in the freezer.

In the video below, you will notice that I have several in Ziploc bags.  I am in the process of getting away from this method because if heated in the sun while in my vehicle the plastic leeches into the food causing it to taste “a little off” and bad for your hormones.  I am working on switching over all my food storage to glass containers or stainless steel and you should consider this as well. I recently did a blog post on plastics and hormones you may want to check out.

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Video of my snacks in the car & my purse.

Healthy Eating!

January 11, 2013

Memphis trainer Tonya Tittle of Energy Fitness loves to recommend fasting for weight loss and a boost in your immune system.

Have you ever considered it?  Many religious people for centuries have done fasting as a means to reboot their system to gain enlightenment and physical strength.

Lately I have seen two documentaries called Vegucated, and Fat,Sick & Nearly Dead which prompted me to do this blog post.

Many people go on a juice fast hoping that it will be a quick fix to their weight and health problems. Think of juicing as a gateway to better health & clean eating.

Did you know that the “juice” you drink on a juice fast isn’t the kind you buy in the store. It’s made with a juicer that compresses fresh fruits and vegetables and extracts the pulp. Most juice fasts consist only of drinking this type of juice and nothing else.

Some of our clients ask us what’s the difference between using a juicer and a blender. 

A blender works by using rapidly rotating blades to cut and break down the produce. However when fruit or vegetables are put into a blender the output contains everything that went into the blender, i.e. the fruit and vegetable fibers including skin, seeds, pits, flesh etc.

A juicer will separate the juice from the fibers. This separation is fundamental to the juicing process and its associated health benefits. The separation of juice from fiber means that the body does not have to divert large amounts of energy to the process of digesting the juice, as there are no fibers to breakdown. It also means that the body can easily absorb the micro-nutrients present in the juice extracted by the juicer as they have all been released from the fibers and are freely available.

When the drink is created in the blender the fibers ‘lock’ some of the nutrients and prevent them from being absorbed into the body.

The presence of large amounts of fibers in blended ‘juice type drinks’ reduces their palatability when compared with a smooth juice drink prepared in a juicer. This is because the blended drink will be much thicker in texture and may contain lumps of produce that haven’t been fully broken down by the blenders blades.

 How much is a a juicer?  anywhere from $49 to $600.  check out and look at reviews.  I personally have a juiceman brand and I have had it about 13 years so far with no issues, it’s kind of loud.  Some are louder than others and some have variable speeds.

How Long to Fast

The length of people’s juice fasts can vary widely, anywhere from 2-60 days. It’s best to go for at least 5 days as the first 2-3 days people sometimes feel sluggish or symptoms of detoxification. It’s most definitely a good idea to start small. Juice fasts can be fairly intense, and lifestyle circumstances can make longer ones all but impossible. Completely breaking your fast is worse than going on a small one successfully, so as a rule of thumb a 2-3 day fast is a good stepping point.

Some people say that beyond 7 days isn’t a particularly good idea. While the benefits of a juice fast can be remarkable, they can have certain deficiencies when practiced for a prolonged amount of time.

For most people a Friday-Saturday-Sunday fast is a good place to start. The short period of time will allow you to “break in” to the diet, and the weekend will give you ample free time and a flexible schedule. Juicing is extremely healthy, but also a very labor intensive way of eating, so a flexible schedule is usually key.

How to fast

  • Reduce or stop using caffeine, nicotine, sugar, dairy, wheat, meat, fish and eggs a few days before your fast. This will help your body prepare for fasting and reduce any side effects that may occur.
  • A juice fast can last 1-7 days. During the fast, you should drink 1-2 liters of fresh vegetable, sprout and grass juice, ideally juiced just before drinking. You can also add green superfood powder to the juice. Limit fruits and sugary vegetables such as carrots or beets which will slow weight loss. Avoid oranges because they are high in acidic sugar. The juice can be diluted with up to 40% water.
  • You should also drink 1-2 liters of water per day while fasting.
  • After the fast you can gradually return to eating solids.
  • Doing a juice fast one day a week is ideal for maintaining health and weight or gradual weight loss. If you do this for 7 years you will have given your body a break for an entire year!
  • You can also do a program at a detox center if you want to fast for longer than 7 days or want to fast under the guidance of specialists.

Who should not do a juice fast

Pregnant or nursing women or children should not do a juice fast. People with any kind of chronic condition or those taking prescription medications should only do a juice fast after consulting with their doctor. A juice fast should not be done before or after surgical procedures.


  • Cucumber and Celery – juice 70% cucumber and 30% celery. A handful of greens such as parsley or spinach may be added. Cucumber helps flush out kidneys while cucumber and celery’s combination of potassium and sodium help cleanse cells and give a good electrolyte balance.
  • Fat Burner – juice 30% each of tomato, celery and red pepper, 1 handful parsley, 1 clove garlic and fresh chili or black pepper. This tasty blend helps the liver cleanse and speeds the metabolism of stored fat.

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