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April 7, 2011by TonyaTittle

What do the clients at Energy Fitness in Memphis say about our personal training, our trainers & how we help them?

We offer our clients a chance to give us written feedback or email testimonials as we always strive to be the best and offer inspiration to others thinking about hiring us as their fitness professional.

Here is what a few clients had to say:

What do you like best about working with us?

Patty Liles – age 40+ It has truly been life-changing! I am a happier person-so pleased with my health and fitness changes. Love ya’ll.

Brandy Parrish-Wade – age 36
You work “with” me to achieve my goals. you give me a plan customized to my needs & goals, instead of the one size fits all approach. you motivate me without discouraging me. You LISTEN! Like the nutrition tips too. You have good equipment tools.

Jennifer Hoff – age 40
I like that you are always upbeat & straight forward. You design workouts based on individual needs. You’re competent & can provide so much knowledge for those of us who don’t know what we’re doing.

Jodi Criner – age 27
the fact that i get a consistent workout each week, that i would not get if i wasn’t paying someone to hold me accountable –

Dianne Criner age 51
the motivation! it keeps me coming back. Love Tonya!!! also like that she changes routine up so you always feel like you are learning new things. If I didn’t have Tonya behind me, I wouldn’t continually workout.

Denise Birdsong age 43
I always feel like i have had a good overall workout when i leave. hardworking environment with fun & friendly people. much better than a huge gym with hundreds of people wandering around.

Larry Garner – age 60 – Provides motivation to achieve great workouts

Shelly Fragale – age 50+
motivating, supportive, fun, personal attention, e-mail and text messages to motivate and keep in touch. Tonya always has a smile! I feel good just being around her.

Betty Carroll – age 68. I receive the help and encouragement I need.

Mark Guthrie – age 50+ Your support on site and informational emails.

Melanie Nolan -age 29. Having personal attention & support. Getting to see others doing the same thing.

Steve Barnat – age 41. Convenient location, uncrowded, un-hostile environment, clean and comfortable.

April Randall – age 32. It’s a “private” gym where I don’t feel like people are watching me (other than my trainer). I love the workouts.

Todd Robinson – age 40+ Personalize workout regimen, multi-disciplinary approach.

Lisa Laminack – age 40+ Measurable goals, guidance, someone to push me to work harder and lift more.

Gayle Lakey -age 40+ Tonya and her wealth of information about fitness. It’s everything I didn’t know anything about!

Amanda King – age 25+ Comfortable environment. Everyone is friendly. I feel like I never get overlooked.

Felicia Hartsfield – age 40+ Flexibility with workout times / changing appointments to work with my schedule.

female, age 40+ Not crowded, i do the semi-private group training.

Tony Armstrong – age 44. I like the People & Results! I also like the Clients & Trainers!

Todd Walker – age 47. That it helps keep me in shape or get on shape. My personal trainer helps motivate me and keep me on track and keeps the workout from being boring.

Jessica Lawrence – age 28. You push me to do more & work around my schedule.

Terri Murphy – age 50+ Flexibility, location, purposeful workout routines, & clean premises.

Sharon Leicham- age 65+ I like the personal attention & the planning that goes into each session. It never gets boring – strenuous but not boring!

Jennifer McLevy- age 35+ Early morning session availability. Lisa – great trainer & consistency with great workouts.

Carla Owens- age 60+ You are all nice!

Emily Sturgill – age 26. The flexible schedule that the trainers provide ad their positive attitude.

Michael Parks – age 28. Motivation & working in groups.

Jerry Gillis – age 60+ I like Lisa best of all!

Don Hutson – age 60+ I like the predictable torture; also comraderie & convenience to my home.

Cicely Allen – age 36. I like the motivation & positive energy and my weight loss success no matter how small. I am happy with it!

John Griffin- age 60+ You feel caring in addition to being professional.

Please describe improvements you are seeing and / or feeling as a result of working with us:

Patty Liles – age 40+
Lordy, where do I begin? I’m not looking pregnant anymore. HA! And I have tons more energy. My husband says, I look hot!

Brandy Parrish-Wade – age 36
Definite changes in muscle definition, faster run times!!! more cardiovascular stamina

Jennifer Hoff – age 40 – I feel stronger and have more energy!

Jodi Criner – age 27
My clothes fit much beter & I feel better in general.

Dianne Criner age 51
Well anyone that saw me when I first started can be a witness to how much stronger & balanced I am. I stopped drinking diet cokes and it made a huge difference in the way I feel also.

Denise Birdsong age 43
I think exercise in general give you a sense of well being!

Larry Garner – age 60
I see muscles, muscle definition, much better overall fitness that help make me a better runner. And my knee pain is gone!

Shelly Fragale – age 50+
My clothes fit better. I feel better. I like my body changes of being stronger & more flexible. Great improvement in getting rid of my back and neck pain.

Betty Carroll – age 68. I have more energy, strength and better balance.

Mark Guthrie – age 50+
I have lost 40 pounds, over 11% bodyfat and lots of inches, reduced my blood pressure, and cholesterol and it’s only been 7 months. My doctor said that I was the poster child for lifestyle changes.

Melanie Nolan -age 29.
Better overall tone. Cellulite less visible. I have more energy & stamina along with smaller thighs and stomach.

Steve Barnat – age 41. I feel better, and more motivated and energetic.

April Randall – age 32. I have a lot more energy and my legs are getting stronger.

Lisa Laminack – age 40+ I have lost weight and have more energy while decreasing my resting heart rate and blood pressure.

Gayle Lakey -age 40+ I feel SO much stronger and spry!!!

Amanda King – age 25+
I have a better attitude & feel healthier. I now have a better understanding of what my body needs & how it works.

Felicia Hartsfield – age 40+
I feel better, sleep better and taking advice on food has helped me “go” to the bathroom twice a day. The water bottle you gave me stays in my face so I have doubled my water intake.

female, age 40+ My fitness level is better and you help me stay on track. I eat healthier, and have better skin & skin tone.

Tony Armstrong – age 44.
I like my increased strength, appearance, flexibility and confidence.

Todd Walker – age 47.
I feel mentally better about being in better physical condition. Losing fat, starting to tone and build strength. For me – helping my injuries to improve and my body to recuperate from my accident – not easy.

Jessica Lawrence – age 28. I have more energy as well as weight loss.

Terri Murphy – age 50+ Energy Fitness helps me focus!

Sharon Leicham- age 65+
My back problem – sciatica – has not returned since I started at Energy Fitness. My trainer is also very aware of my limitations and patterns my workout to strengthen my core.

Jennifer McLevy- age 35+ I have been losing weight and toning all over.

Carla Owens- age 60+ I feel better.

Emily Sturgill – age 26. I have more energy, feel stronger, and am happier.

Michael Parks – age 28. I know it is helping. On my own, I hold myself back with my habits!

Jerry Gillis – age 60+ I feel pretty good.

Don Hutson – age 60+ I have increased muscle tone and maintaining my weight instead of gaining.

Cicely Allen – age 36.
I’m seeing muscle tone and I learned how to eat healthy again.

John Griffin- age 60+ I am stronger & more flexible.

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