Real & Lasting Results with Energy Fitness Personal Trainers

January 5, 2016by TonyaTittle

Downtown Memphis personal trainers deliver real & lasting results year after year.

Are you waiting until a specific date or event to get your body back?

Click on the video below to feel inspired to start with us or crank up on your own fitness routine.  See why we’ve been voted by Memphis Health & Fitness magazine readers many years in a row as the Best Boutique Fitness Studio in Memphis. Thanks to Larry Garner, Iyona Houston, Mark Guthrie, Michele Squires, Thea Addell, Todd Robinson, & Brandy Parrish for being our cheerleaders and awesome clients.

  • There is no time like the present.
  • The past you can’t change
  • The future is every moment you do now,  now, now to get there and can’t be predicted.

Make the most of your time & effort and be beach body ready year round!  Call us at 901-466-6242, request a free consult or email us at

Energy Fitness, 552 South Main, Memphis, TN 38103

Check out our customized online training ($40-$80) here:  Online Customized Training

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