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October 20, 2019

Calling exercises Moves sounds so much better doesn’t it? We all just need to move better and sometimes it takes simple out of the box thinking to see if your body functions well and can recruit the right muscles for the task at hand. Our clients at Energy Fitness personal training studio downtown Memphis get lots of different exercises thrown at them so there is dimension in their programs as well as injury prevention or injury management.

I have included 3 Moves and depending on your body mechanics/if you have an anterior or posterior tilt in your pelvis it will be either easy or difficult for you. You should be “hinging at hip”. I watch myself back on the videos and I see that I need to be sitting up straighter for Q12 & Q13 because as you can see I am cheating a little by moving my upper body due to tight chest muscles and weak serratus anterior muscles (the muscles that help to hold your shoulder blades into their pockets for good posture). Not hard enough for you? Try to do with your back and butt touching a wall.

How many reps & sets? Try to 10-20 reps for each side for 1-3 sets (3 sets is king!). Be sure to be mindful of how you are breathing and that you are engaging/flexing your abs/core before initiating the movement. It’s also not always just about the reps. Mix it up and do an isometric hold at the top or the hardest range of the motion for you for say 3 seconds.

The movement Q12 was especially hard when I had to hold at the top in a yoga class for 1 full minute while doing fire breath….torture.

Now watch and slow down your movement on the below exercise(s). Use muscle, hip hinge and pelvic tilt to perform this movement well. Be aware of where your body is in space so you can get better and move better.

AC80 below aka Windshield wipers is a tough one for most people as the ability of separating your upper quarter from your lower quarter can prove difficult because of tight posture muscles from sitting or poor posture as well as in the modern age we aren’t throwing bails of hay for a twist or picking veggies and putting in the basket. You may find that you move well to one side and not to the other. This is very common and should be noted so you can work on it. If you find that you feel a pinch when going in one direction with the legs then you may have too much flexibility in that side and need to back off and do a one-legged wiper modification (aka: 1 leg IT band crossover). Regardless of if you do the 2-legged wiper or 1-legged try and focus on both keeping your shoulders down and bringing your legs (or knees if your hamstrings are super tight) to your armpits.



Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM, TPI Level 1 Certified
Owner/Dir. of Training, Energy Fitness (established 2002)

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July 4, 2019

Energy Fitness personal training studio in Memphis is more than just a training and nutrition coaching studio. We are about helping clients feel and look their best. We asked our Massage Therapist Mae Jensen, LMT to do this post on facial rolling and massage so you can be in the know and put your best face forward. These little inexpensive tools can be a great addition to your body and skincare routine. In early May if you live in the Memphis area you are very aware of the Tennessee snow (cottonwood) in the air and undoubtedly feel or have felt the toll it takes on your sinuses.

Let’s take a minute to talk about facial massage and our lymphatic system

The lymph system is kind of like the trash collector of our body, gathering up toxins and taking them to removal sites, our kidneys/liver and urinary system. Unlike our cardiovascular system there aren’t any valves or pumps to move things along so sometimes things stay stagnant. Did you know that weight lifting naturally helps to stimulate the lymphatic system? Massage offers benefits by using light pressure and rolling motions thus helping flush out the pipes and get rid of the symptoms of a backed up lymph system such as:

  • fluid retention

  • puffy/red eyes

  • breakouts

Here are two tools that you might want in your facial care toolbox! Left is Jade roller. Right is Rose Quartz Acupoint Tool Set. (click on images to see on Amazon)

So how do we start?

1. Apply an oil or lotion to you face to help reduce friction, you can use an SPF lotion in the morning and a nice collagen or vitamin E oil in the evenings to help protect from sun damage and wrinkles.
2. Using your fingers or a Jade roller start at your inner cheeks, by your nose and stroke towards your ears. Most skin care professionals suggest doing each motion 10 times or for one minute
3. Move on to the forehead next, starting at your eyebrows and moving upwards to your hairline then sweep outwards at the top, repeating 10 times or for 1 minute. (I like to additionally roll the eyebrows because all those moments furrowing at the kids to do chores seem to tighten this muscle creating deeper forehead lines. Tonya) 
4. Next starting at the center of your chin move outwards and up along the jaw to help naturally lift the skin, repeating 10 times or for 1 minute. (I like to additionally roll the jaw muscle to alleviate any TMJ tension, Tonya)
5. Once you’ve finished the face its time to move all the drainage to your main lymph nodes. Locate the jawline, at the end of the jawbone use gentle downward strokes moving to the mid collarbones, taking care not to massage your carotid artery.
6. Finish off by gentling tapping all over your face, like you’re playing a piano to stimulate you skin and wake up the lymph system.Image result for facial rolling map

Take this time to really connect and thank your body for the protection it offers us.

Don’t forget we offer an amazing facial upgrade to any of our massage services with Mae using the all natural products from the M’lis skin care line.

The M’Lis face wash wakes your skin with natural caffeine from green tea, followed by an invigorating exfoliation with apricot seeds, we then tone and tighten with natural collagen and clay mask. Lastly we give your skin a deep moisture treatment using Apple stem cells and a cool jade stone roller to seal and protect your pores. Be on the lookout for some amazing new skin care products coming this summer. We’re all about natural products!

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January 13, 2019

With all the options out there, what gym would be the right fit for you? Every fitness club/gym offers a different experience, and each and every one of us have different wants/needs. So what should you consider when signing up for a program? Below are a few thoughts from Tonya Tittle, owner and Personal Trainer at Energy Fitness, downtown Memphis.

10 Things to consider…

• Accountability  Are you self motivated, or do you need someone to help you stay on track with an appointment or a workout buddy?

• Injury Management Do you have existing injuries that are holding you back? Did you know that you can find ways to not only work around them, but improve them as well.

• Nutrition Coaching Exercise is only part of the equation when it comes to our overall well being. It’s crucial to eat the right foods for our bodies to maintain health and lose weight if that is something you need to do. Backloading at the end of the day or consuming too many calories in beverages can lead to little to no progress.

• Personal Training Having a personal trainer helps to insure that you are doing movements needed for your body and correctly. Doubles with that whole accountability thing.

Assessments are an essential key to getting the most of your efforts and can be motivating to keep your efforts up or an eye opener that you need to amp up your efforts. You can’t see what you can’t measure unless you’re only going by the scale (bad idea: don’t let the scale set your mood for the day).

•Time efficiency – there’s no need to spend endless hours in the gym. Keeping track of your program via pen and paper and have your trainer do it for you as well if you have one. Charting your progress and make adjustments is what gets you to the body you want faster. FYI…American College of Sports medicine states recommends 150 minutes per week of exercise.

Convenience is in the top 10 lists of if a person is going to stick to a fitness program. It’s also about creating habits that fit your lifestyle.

Equipment – What you need and what you will use is the big key here. Don’t end up paying for what you won’t use.

What worked for your body years ago may not be the most suited workout as your body ages if you haven’t keep it maintained  – are you doing functional fitness?? do you do rotational twist stretches and exercises as well as lateral movements? Why not? You must work the body in all planes of movement for optimal health and injury prevention or management.

Dressing Rooms/Showers – if working out before work or during lunch are you gonna shower or just spritz and go. Are you a germaphobic or prefer to get dressed privately as well as not have to haul all your shower essentials or make-up then maybe you don’t need a facility with all the extras. (Energy Fitness has 2 showers that supply shampoo/soap/conditioner, towels, hair dryers – of course we have several clients that bring in their own preferred hair dryer 🙂


Research shows that even those that exercise vigorously for 60 minutes per day do the same amount of sitting. SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING AS FAR AS RISK FACTORS FOR DISEASE.All the cells of your body want to be active even just a few minutes each hour. This can mean getting up and walking about and just moving for a few minutes to doing some posture poses, hip flexor stretches or grab a few flights of stairs.

Often injury sites are a referral from another location on your body. A lot of injuries or pain in the knees may be related by tight calves and soleus muscles, restricted IT band, misalignment of the hips or knees, or tight inner thigh or hamstring muscles. Knowing what to zone in on can be the result of a great program and a terrible program.

Be beach body ready all year long. We know people “fall off the fitness/nutrition wagon”, it happens to the best of us.

Just set your clothes and shoes out and be ready to exercise even when you don’t feel like it! Preparing is half the battle!

We’re here to help you regardless of where you are on your
journey to better health and in a non-intimidating environment.


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