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February 12, 2021

We love some Diana Sullivan, a healing arts practitioner that we were blessed to have at Energy Fitness in Memphis. We made a few videos a while back so I thought it was time to share this one about essential oils. This post was also inspired by my pop in to a guest speaker at massage school a couple of weeks ago on this topic. Did you know that there are several essential oils that are toxic and must have carrier oils. You don’t simply put the oils on your skin directly almost 99% of the time and some are very toxic if you put on then go into the sun (phytosensative).

Here’s a few with a video from Diana (dee-ah-na) that you may wish to add to your collection. By all means find pure or organic. Where? Well…that would be a whole different post. I have used now sports essential oils many times and liked. Don’t forget they have a shelf life as well and should be kept out of sun or high heat environments.

She has a gift of healing intuition, has wonderful spirit and is a certified Reiki Master (she attuned me to Reiki 2 Certified). Find and message her at

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January 13, 2019

With all the options out there, what gym would be the right fit for you? Every fitness club/gym offers a different experience, and each and every one of us have different wants/needs. So what should you consider when signing up for a program? Below are a few thoughts from Tonya Tittle, owner and Personal Trainer at Energy Fitness, downtown Memphis.

10 Things to consider…

• Accountability  Are you self motivated, or do you need someone to help you stay on track with an appointment or a workout buddy?

• Injury Management Do you have existing injuries that are holding you back? Did you know that you can find ways to not only work around them, but improve them as well.

• Nutrition Coaching Exercise is only part of the equation when it comes to our overall well being. It’s crucial to eat the right foods for our bodies to maintain health and lose weight if that is something you need to do. Backloading at the end of the day or consuming too many calories in beverages can lead to little to no progress.

• Personal Training Having a personal trainer helps to insure that you are doing movements needed for your body and correctly. Doubles with that whole accountability thing.

Assessments are an essential key to getting the most of your efforts and can be motivating to keep your efforts up or an eye opener that you need to amp up your efforts. You can’t see what you can’t measure unless you’re only going by the scale (bad idea: don’t let the scale set your mood for the day).

•Time efficiency – there’s no need to spend endless hours in the gym. Keeping track of your program via pen and paper and have your trainer do it for you as well if you have one. Charting your progress and make adjustments is what gets you to the body you want faster. FYI…American College of Sports medicine states recommends 150 minutes per week of exercise.

Convenience is in the top 10 lists of if a person is going to stick to a fitness program. It’s also about creating habits that fit your lifestyle.

Equipment – What you need and what you will use is the big key here. Don’t end up paying for what you won’t use.

What worked for your body years ago may not be the most suited workout as your body ages if you haven’t keep it maintained  – are you doing functional fitness?? do you do rotational twist stretches and exercises as well as lateral movements? Why not? You must work the body in all planes of movement for optimal health and injury prevention or management.

Dressing Rooms/Showers – if working out before work or during lunch are you gonna shower or just spritz and go. Are you a germaphobic or prefer to get dressed privately as well as not have to haul all your shower essentials or make-up then maybe you don’t need a facility with all the extras. (Energy Fitness has 2 showers that supply shampoo/soap/conditioner, towels, hair dryers – of course we have several clients that bring in their own preferred hair dryer 🙂


Research shows that even those that exercise vigorously for 60 minutes per day do the same amount of sitting. SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING AS FAR AS RISK FACTORS FOR DISEASE.All the cells of your body want to be active even just a few minutes each hour. This can mean getting up and walking about and just moving for a few minutes to doing some posture poses, hip flexor stretches or grab a few flights of stairs.

Often injury sites are a referral from another location on your body. A lot of injuries or pain in the knees may be related by tight calves and soleus muscles, restricted IT band, misalignment of the hips or knees, or tight inner thigh or hamstring muscles. Knowing what to zone in on can be the result of a great program and a terrible program.

Be beach body ready all year long. We know people “fall off the fitness/nutrition wagon”, it happens to the best of us.

Just set your clothes and shoes out and be ready to exercise even when you don’t feel like it! Preparing is half the battle!

We’re here to help you regardless of where you are on your
journey to better health and in a non-intimidating environment.


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October 20, 2018

Are you one of the many that over-indulge over the Holidays, and then end up starting the New Year feeling sluggish and out of shape? The personal trainers at Energy Fitness, downtown Memphis often get an influx of new clients  wanting to get a jump start on the Holidays starting as early as October. Wouldn’t it be fun to look and feel your best this year while catching up with family and friends over the Holidays? (Do you really want your friends to see you out of shape hiding yourself in baggy clothes or hear the broken record of how everyone is going to start working out and eating right when the new year gets here?) Personally, I think January is the worst time ever to be motivated to make such a lifestyle change. I mean really…it’s cold, dark, and uninspiring! Do the hard work when covered up with long sleeves and pants and be ready for the big reveal when spring hits.

What simple strategies below are you willing to implement NOW?

If you don’t already have one, start an exercise routine. No time like the present, why wait until AFTER the holidays? All of those Holiday treats should be good motivation.

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Plan your meals ( and your treats) Eating meals lower in calories and heavy on the veggies during the Holiday season leave you a little more room for those treats. If you are eating clean 80% of the time the other 20% of the time you can indulge. (You can call them “treat days” I straight up call them binges in the most positive way possible. I like to save my binge times for one day and have say 3 doughnuts all at once. You might say WOW that’s crazy..Think about it…it’s really a better option to go big and get it out of your system than having a little every other day that add up to far more calories in the long run than my 3 doughnuts once a month). Just don’t keep the treats hanging around the house or in sight.

Pack your lunch for work (you won’t have a choice but to eat what you have brought)

Snacking..Be aware of how much you have been snacking, and have healthy snack options on hand in the office, in your purse or briefcase, home or car (be careful of the car as sometimes it can be a cue for mindless snacking).

Ditch the sodas

Drink more water.  Divide your body weight in half and try to drink that many ounces daily.

Cut back the alcohol

Get in more steps. Park in the farthest spot, take the stairs, keep moving!

Sleep more! There is youth and vibrancy in at least 7 hours of sleep.

Track your results. Nothing keeps us as motivated as seeing proof our healthy habits are working.

At Energy Fitness we are here to help motivate you and provide you with all the resources you need to be your best self this Holiday season (and always…my motto is be beach ready all year long.)

Remember we have a limited time 10 week program on special that ends on 12-28-18, check it out and see if its the right fit for you!

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