Turning Doubters into Believers- Diane’s Transformation

January 30, 2021by TonyaTittle

I love Diane’s success story and happy to have been and continue to be a guiding force for knowledge and inspiration. I like to share these stories to get some of you believing in yourself and your efforts as well as encourage you to reach out to fitness professionals with the right credentials. We have so many more success stories from almost 19 years of working with clients at Energy Fitness in Memphis, TN.

Meet Diane, a nurse and my former neighbor in Harbor Town in Memphis, TN. Here is her story and her self compiled before and after pics. Sometimes it takes more than me just telling you to hire me or giving you exercises, nutrition advice or other holistic mind/body tricks to get you moving on track to optimal health. Take it from Diane!

“A year ago I once again made yet another New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Once again frustrated that despite consistently exercising and eating “right”  I was overweight. But this time I decided to give Tonya Tittle’s program at Energy Fitness a try. I thought, I will give it 6 weeks. Well…..it’s been a year and it’s been an amazing journey. The difference with Energy Fitness is that Tonya develops an individualized program that is based on testing of your  fitness (cardio and flexibility) and your goals. And because part of my goals were to lose weight, I used some of my sessions for nutritional counseling. There were several plans to choose from but I knew I did not want a diet, I wanted to eat this way for the rest of my life. So I chose the Mediterranean plan, since it is what I harp on with patients!   So with two weekly 30 minute workouts, some tweaks in my diet and daily protein powder I was on my way. And within 5 months I was at my goal. The aha moment for me? Being able to tuck a shirt into jeans and wear a belt! So it’s a new year and still going 💪 with new goals. And although I gave myself extra treats during the holidays, I’m back on my plan with workouts and my daily Energy Fitness vegan protein feeling gratefully ENERGIZED!” Diane G., Nurse

Without naming exact numbers she’s lost numerous inches, pounds, bodyfat and feeling more mobile. Go Diane!

Recently I sent Diane 2 custom workout programs to do at home since we are relocating the studio next month to South Carolina (my new home). She wanted me to incorporate a cable pully unit she’s had for years and not been comfortable knowing exactly what to do with it. I also incorporated other small dumbbells and body weight exercises to give the programs a well rounded balanced based on her functional movement assessment we have done in the past. Each program consisted of 6-9 exercises. I sent her a pdf of each program along with a short less than 5 minute video of each one instructing her how to do the program and how many reps and sets to do. She loves it thus far and will reach out to get new programs in about 8 weeks because she knows that you have to change up your workouts to keep getting results.

When I texted her during this blog entry and told her she is the feature of my blog and hope she inspires people she replied…

“Your program is the Inspiration!”















I remember when she texted me the pic of her holding the fanny pack out with the comment “I haven’t worn this since last summer, Thanks Tonya!”

The pic in the face mask below is one she sent to me when she was feeling sexy after a routine medical exam. I love it when clients become more confident from their new improved lifestyle choices. Every choice you make can either take you closer or further away from the goal of having the body, skin, better sleep and more energy for optimal health.

C’mon ladies who else wants to feel some self love? Toot your own horn if you know you have worked hard for it. 

I’m here for you and you men deserve to feel great too, so give me a call or text 901-466-6242 for either virtual training or a custom exercise program. Eating right isn’t rocket science, it’s making the right choices for your body and working within your habit loop for success.








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