I Love The Air Fryer. Do You or Will You?

June 19, 2021by TonyaTittle

Over the years I have used lots of different kitchen appliances to varying degrees of success. For those that don’t know me well, I only cook for fuel and to feed the family. I have been known many times to have a smoking kitchen and a burnt pan. Gas stovetop is so much easier for me than electric. Cooking is not my gift as well as I’m not a fan of the kitchen. That said, anything that makes the food cook faster, tastes better I’m all ears and you may too unless you are a fan of slaving away in the kitchen and all the clean up that follows.

When people starting asking me about my thoughts of the air fryer, I didn’t have experience with it yet. After hearing my mother-in-law rave about how quick and good salmon tastes in the air fryer, my husband bought one. We have had one for about a year now and it has earned it’s place on the kitchen counter as a permanent fixture.

Think about all the veggies you either enjoy or force yourself to eat to feel or look better. The air fryer “theme” is that you can cook with less fat due the the convention method.







A few of my favorites items I often cook:

Brussels sprouts, salmon, kale, veggie burgers (from frozen), salmon burgers (from costco-frozen), tofu, scallops, cabbage, onions, mushrooms, cookies (gluten and dairy free), sweet potato fries (fresh and frozen tots), warming up left overs.

How much are they? The Air Fryers cost between $70 and $130 depending on model and place. Often having the right tools in place can help you achieve success, especially in the area of nutrition.

Go for it and see what amazing recipes and foods you can come up with to help you reach optimal health and weight. Find me on social media and tag me if you have a keeper.

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