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October 30, 2020

As a personal trainer, exercise physiologist and athlete I see all kinds of versions of squats. Even if you don’t workout we all have to squat as a part of functional movement in our everyday lives. Think about how often you use a squat and if you have bad form then how many times a day you squat with poor form leading to injury now or delayed injury from improper mechanics.

If you look at kids and toddlers they have the most excellent form when squatting down to get things from the floor. This is likely due to their activity level and have not yet created bad habits from driving, sitting or overuse from occupations. I can think of several ways you squat in your daily life just off the top of my head or when you should be squatting and NOT bending over at the waist torqueing your back.

Daily squats as part of a functional way of living may be as follows depending on your lifestyle:

  • Sitting on the toilet
  • Getting into or out of an automobile (more of a modified 1 leg squat)
  • Sitting down and getting up from chair or couch
  • Picking up something from the floor
  • Loading bags or heavy dogfood into the car or from the car to storage
  • Getting or placing items from a low shelf, cabinet or drawer
  • Picking up or putting down on floor small children
  • Picking up or putting down various sizes or dogs or cats
  • Moving furniture
  • Cleaning baseboards if you are a clean freak
  • Getting out of a low bed with both feet on ground
  • Gardening
  • Putting stuff in or taking out of laundry units
  • Occupations that require lifting heavy items or persons

You get my point…there are many combined chances that incorporate squats into daily activity without much mindfulness of proper form. Tight muscles in the calves, low back and many muscles of the upper body that help with posture can prevent good squat form.

This post I really wanted to just keep simple and bring to your awareness your squatting form. I often see toes out, butt not tucked under, too much leaning forward with the upper body or heels coming off the ground when I ask clients to perform a squat.  Some toe out is normal for some people. We are all designed with different mechanics but there is a general correct form guidelines.

Did you know that a normal healthy full range of motion for the ankle joint is 70 degrees. Aiming for 50 degrees of plantar flexion (pointing your toes away from your lower leg) and 20 degrees of dorsiflexion (pointing your toes toward your lower leg and shin). Of course there is the other ranges which is eversion and inversion pictured below but that would be a whole other post. Something to consider though when analyzing a squat as when clients load (go into or come out of the squat) are they, are you turning your ankle in or out to make the squat happen (cheating).

Check out the short videos below to become better at squatting.


Take a video of yourself squatting about 4 times facing the camera and then to the side as to see for yourself what you may need to work on. Try correcting your form and do a follow up video a few weeks later to see your progress.



If you are having trouble getting down low enough then aim for a chair or bench or even hold onto a wall or put a broomstick in the other side of a doorway and get to squatting.

I had mentioned to a client and friend that I was surprised that her calves weren’t tight because she wore heels everyday to work for years. She shared with me that she does ball/wall squats every day for about 25-50 reps and has for years and she contributes that to her great legs and no calf issues. I must say, she does have great squatting form and great legs!

Here’s a ball/wall squat with dumbbell

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Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM
Owner/Dir. of Training, Energy Fitness (established 2002)
ACSM, TPI Level 1 Certified, Rock Tape, Rock Pods (cupping therapy), Rock Tape Blades & Blades Advanced
FMT Basic, Metagenics FLT, more certifications, qualifications and awards listed in my bio on website.

Massage services resumed June 1, 2020 and we have new guidelines that will be followed such as staff will be wearing face coverings as well as clients for massage. You will have to sign a Covid19 release form, wash your hands upon arrival, etc. All clients onsite must sign Covid form, successfully answer health Covid questions and socially distance.

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March 14, 2020

Who can relate to that relentless specific spot for back or hip pain. Sitting in a car for hours driving or riding and your back just feels tight or tense is not fun. Even just desk sitting for hours can create a back insult that may linger. Lots of walking or standing depending on your pelvic position can also create this same effect. Don’t get me started on high heels and back pain.

We’ve got several clients that we routinely have to show a variety of exercises that can help reduce or eliminate back pain. Aside from just holding a stretch for 3-5 minutes think about stretching as something you may consider incorporating into your life on a more regular basis. This post kind of seems like groundhog day as I believe last month I did a post on it attacking the subject at a different angle.

After 20 years of personal training I have deducted that this is for sure the component of fitness that is the hardest to instill consistency in our clients. Of course we have the hyper-flexible that love to stretch all their favorite ranges of motion. Then there is the tight muscle clients that associate stretching with pain but always feel better after they have stretched.

If you do break into a stretch more often like say morning right out of bed for movement type stretches holding each for 5-10 seconds flowing gently into the next stretch and occasionally throughout the day or just morning and evening you will find it hurts less.

Try this stretch that I recorded this week for our client complaining of his chronic tight back. He said “Will you take a pic of this so I can remember what we did”.  Great idea…for compliance! I went one step further and took video so you can see the move in action and steal it. I wanted him to work some core at the same time. I had him perform 25 reps each side and be aware of his breathing as breath holding.

This was not the right exercise for another client in the same session that had back pain flared up from tensing up from going up and coming down the Statue of Liberty. I had her do different static stretches and then put rock tape on her back.

Not sure what exercises to do or when to do them or even if you are having good form?




Tonya Tittle, M.S., Owner/Dir. of Training, Energy Fitness (established 2002)
ACSM, TPI Level 1 Certified, Rock Tape, Rock Pods (cupping therapy), Rock Tape Blades & Blades Advanced
FMT Basic, Metagenics FLT

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July 4, 2019

Energy Fitness personal training studio in Memphis is more than just a training and nutrition coaching studio. We are about helping clients feel and look their best. We asked our Massage Therapist Mae Jensen, LMT to do this post on facial rolling and massage so you can be in the know and put your best face forward. These little inexpensive tools can be a great addition to your body and skincare routine. In early May if you live in the Memphis area you are very aware of the Tennessee snow (cottonwood) in the air and undoubtedly feel or have felt the toll it takes on your sinuses.

Let’s take a minute to talk about facial massage and our lymphatic system

The lymph system is kind of like the trash collector of our body, gathering up toxins and taking them to removal sites, our kidneys/liver and urinary system. Unlike our cardiovascular system there aren’t any valves or pumps to move things along so sometimes things stay stagnant. Did you know that weight lifting naturally helps to stimulate the lymphatic system? Massage offers benefits by using light pressure and rolling motions thus helping flush out the pipes and get rid of the symptoms of a backed up lymph system such as:

  • fluid retention

  • puffy/red eyes

  • breakouts

Here are two tools that you might want in your facial care toolbox! Left is Jade roller. Right is Rose Quartz Acupoint Tool Set. (click on images to see on Amazon)

So how do we start?

1. Apply an oil or lotion to you face to help reduce friction, you can use an SPF lotion in the morning and a nice collagen or vitamin E oil in the evenings to help protect from sun damage and wrinkles.
2. Using your fingers or a Jade roller start at your inner cheeks, by your nose and stroke towards your ears. Most skin care professionals suggest doing each motion 10 times or for one minute
3. Move on to the forehead next, starting at your eyebrows and moving upwards to your hairline then sweep outwards at the top, repeating 10 times or for 1 minute. (I like to additionally roll the eyebrows because all those moments furrowing at the kids to do chores seem to tighten this muscle creating deeper forehead lines. Tonya) 
4. Next starting at the center of your chin move outwards and up along the jaw to help naturally lift the skin, repeating 10 times or for 1 minute. (I like to additionally roll the jaw muscle to alleviate any TMJ tension, Tonya)
5. Once you’ve finished the face its time to move all the drainage to your main lymph nodes. Locate the jawline, at the end of the jawbone use gentle downward strokes moving to the mid collarbones, taking care not to massage your carotid artery.
6. Finish off by gentling tapping all over your face, like you’re playing a piano to stimulate you skin and wake up the lymph system.Image result for facial rolling map

Take this time to really connect and thank your body for the protection it offers us.

Don’t forget we offer an amazing facial upgrade to any of our massage services with Mae using the all natural products from the M’lis skin care line.

The M’Lis face wash wakes your skin with natural caffeine from green tea, followed by an invigorating exfoliation with apricot seeds, we then tone and tighten with natural collagen and clay mask. Lastly we give your skin a deep moisture treatment using Apple stem cells and a cool jade stone roller to seal and protect your pores. Be on the lookout for some amazing new skin care products coming this summer. We’re all about natural products!

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September 30, 2018

There are a variety of reasons why we don’t get the care we deserve. Energy Fitness personal trainers, massage therapist and energy healing practitioners act as an extension of providing self-care to Memphis area residents.

For many, the challenge with self-care may have to do with money and the lack of health insurance and for others it’s just the attitude “I’ll do it later, I’m to busy or it’s boring and I’m fine attitude.”  I remember a few years back when my husband was working on his rental flipping business and we had terrible insurance with high deductibles with not a ton of benefits. We just got by with the basics and paid out of pocket for the rest. Whatever your reason for putting off taking care of yourself why not evaluate the reasons behind it and start becoming your own best health detective and find health partners that don’t just tell you what to do but act as a team member for your good health.

Your health is a priority that matters.
Get in the habit of practicing Great Self-Care as you deserve it!

I’ve both paid for and bartered my skills for years for the services of others, such as a massage, facial, or a haircut. It’s quite liberating to take care of yourself and feel amazing.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is there a health-related issue that your’re concerned about?  I’ve known clients and individuals wait for years for a suspicious lump or more checked, out of fear it might be bad news. Getting checked out gives you peace of mind instead of the fear lurking always around the corner.
  2. Do your teeth need to be straightened, or are your feet so sore you limit yourself to only one type of shoes?  A loved one in my family always hated their crooked teeth and finally decided to get them fixed and is so much happier and more confident.
  3. Are you overdue for a routine maintenance appointment? Consider this a checklist or a test in which you should score at least an 80 due to the 80/20 principle. 80% of the time do what’s right and healthy so that you don’t have to scrape and climb your way to the top when sickness or other circumstances happen.
  4. Are you making sleep a priority? Are you getting at least 7 hours EVERY night or at least 5 days a week? This is a must for brain health and muscle recovery. Sleep is a high priority in our household!

Answer the take stock of  your health quiz below to see your action items:

___Have you had a physical in the past 12 months?

___Have you had an eye exam in the past 24 months?

___Is a trip to the dentist in order?

___How’s your back? Could a massage therapist or good chiropractor be what you need?

___Are you happy with your hair or has the same person cut/colored it for years? I just switched to and do those pesky grays myself for dirt cheap

___Have you had a manicure or a pedicure lately? I’d rather do this myself and actually have to force myself to do this as I can’t stand to sit still long enough to have a professional do it.

___How about a facial? It may seem like a luxury, trust me- as you get older, you’ll be glad that you’ve taken good care of your skin.

___Is it time or a mammogram or prostate screening?

___Do you workout? having a scheduled block of time devoted to you makes you stick with it. 

___Do you know how to exercise properly for your body? If not consider hiring a personal trainer

___Do you eat healthy and not too big of portions or too late at night? consider hiring a nutrition coach or reading some books with great reviews and see what works for your body type and personality

___Do you stretch to counter all the sitting we do? Sitting for extended periods of time is bad for your health regardless of if you ran 6 miles this morning.

___Do you practice mindfulness or meditation? It’s amazing what even 5 minutes can do for your mental state

These are just a few examples of basic body care areas that, when handled, go a long way in supporting our emotional and physical self-care as well as keep you aging gracefully.

Remember that today’s choices become tomorrows circumstances.

We do our best to coach our clients to think of their health as the decisions they make today pointing their lives in the directions they want to head. 

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September 16, 2018

If we can use mantras for our personal well-being and for sticking to our nutrition plan, then we can most certainly use them for staying on track with our fitness as well.

If you missed the other posts I wrote about personal mantras and food mantras, go check those out, too!

Food Mantras

Personal Mantras

Using mantras helps us to create new behaviors automatically. It helps us to not have to think about working out, it’s just what we would do (like taking a shower).

Watch the video above to get some examples I personally use to create my healthy lifestyle. It’s something ANYONE can do.

Here are some additional tips:  try to squeeze in some type of exercise throughout your daily routine. Skip the elevator and take the stairs up to your office. When you go to the grocery store, park far away from the entrance to get in some extra steps. When you’re sitting in traffic, think about pressing your lower back into the seat and engage your abs. Every little bit helps!

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September 2, 2018

Have you ever had this happen? You’re doing all the right things–eating right, exercising, changing your mindset–and someone you care about says something negative about your transformation?

It happens a lot more often than you’d think. We call them saboteurs, or “crabs in the bucket.” So how do you handle it? Check out the video below to get my tips on how to handle these people. OR, if you are a “crab,” how can you change that?

Most importantly, know that you are not alone and that you can overcome these negative comments.

Keep your eyes on your own paper and forge ahead. You’ve got this!

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August 19, 2018

What if you could shrink your belly with the addition of the tasteless amino acid called L-Glutamine?

As the owner of Energy Fitness, a boutique personal training, nutrition coaching and healing arts services studio in Memphis for over 16 years I’ve been asked countless times, “what’s the easiest and fastest way to lose belly fat or lose body fat?” After I take a breath and a long sigh, I begin to ask probing questions about an individuals nutrition and exercise habits. My motto I recently stole from The China Study Book “Nutrition is a Scientific Disipline”.

How do I know I have these symptoms?

Well… How do you know you don’t have them? Be your own self-care detective and hire professionals when necessary. Are you at an ideal body weight and body fat for your height? Do you sleep soundly and get enough quality sleep? Do you have at least 2 normal bowel movements EVERYDAY about the consistency of a ripe banana and shaped like a sausage? How’s your skin? Do you exercise and “eat healthy” and your weight just won’t budge?

L-Glutamine may help rid your body of these symptoms:

  • excess body fat
  • leaky gut
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • acne or eczema
  • fatigue
  • other gut-related issues

L-Glutamine is pretty top-notch when it comes to gut health and there are many benefits that have been demonstrated in various studies showing it to drastically improve gut health in as little at 10 days without any nasty side effects.

Benefits of taking L-Glutamine (in preferred powdered form)

  • repair for your stomach lining so you can get a flatter stomach
  • stop cravings
  • reduce appetite
  • reduce cravings for sugar and carbs
  • reduce cravings for alcohol

Now don’t go thinking I’m giving you a miracle supplement suggestion so you can go off the rails and eat or drink whatever you want. However, it is truly a “hero” when it comes to helping keep your gut healthy and your body slim. We carry L-Glutamine onsite for our clients, but realize not everyone reading this blog post can stop by, so here’s our next best recommendation.

Energy Fitness loves Metagenics for their product quality.  The Glutagenics is combined with licorice root and aloe leaf so it can help restore the gut even faster. A properly functioning digestive system is critical to good health. A program such as the Metagenics 5R GI Restoration Program can support GI health through the following steps: Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Regenerate, and Retain. Glutagenics offers powerful support for the Regenerate step of the 5R GI Restoration Program.

They also have a product I took that originally helped me called UltraGI Replenish which is a medical food and FDA approved.

When I mention the phrase “leaky gut” or talk about how many people may have little microscopic holes in their stomach I am never surprised by the horrified facial expressions or comments of disbelief or the “I don’t have that” syndrome.

Causes of Leaky Gut Syndrome:

  • Gluten
  • Potatoes
  • Food Allergies
  • Infections
  • Medications
  • Agressive Exercise
  • Pesticides
  • Plastics
  • GMO Foods

I’ve known about L-Glutamine for several years and would take it off and on but mostly for helping to give my body fuel for endurance training and long races. I knew it helped soothe my stomach during long periods of training without solid food. I started noticing that my stomach issues were less of a problem when taking the supplement so I began to do more research and now it’s part of my daily regimen. I said goodbye to leaky gut and irritable bowel syndrome which now means less bloating and now I am absorbing all the nutrients of my food and want to help others get a healthy gut.

Bottom Line:

Consider consuming L-Glutamine in powder form twice a day for 4 weeks (in the morning and just before or after dinner) with a swallow of water or in your protein shake at breakfast (1 level teaspoon = 5 grams).

After the four weeks, consider taking 1 teaspoon a day with a protein shake for breakfast or with water in the morning.  If you happen to have sugar or alcohol consumption later in the day, then you may want to consume another teaspoon of L-Glutamine immediately afterwards.

One study on L-Glutamine showed that in less than a month, the women who took L-Glutamine had lost an average of over 6 pounds and 2 dress sizes. It helped people lose an extra 500 calories a day. If you are pregnant or nursing you should not take.

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August 5, 2018

Is your brain or the imaginary person on your shoulder holding you back from fitness or nutrition success?

The personal trainers at Energy Fitness understand that while we are changing lives and habits to get people moving and eating better that we must put ownership on the one person in the way of our success our clients. No one can force you not to exercise or force something in your mouth and make you chew and shallow it!

Our brains are wired often times to let past experiences dictate what’s going to happen this time around before we’ve had a chance to even try. It’s a form of self-sabotage. So how do we overcome this?

Personal mantras--no this is not some type of chanting. It’s about changing our thoughts and our belief systems about ourselves. What if it was suddenly so much easier to achieve our goals just because we actually believed we could?! What could you accomplish with that in your arsenal?

Instead of focusing on the negative parts (like you’ll hear in the video), focus on the positives. Focus on the benefits of this lifestyle change and what you’ll gain.

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July 8, 2018

You may have noticed by now that questions about fitness relating to how long a workout should be, how many reps a person should do, or how often should a workout routine be changed up, are all very relative. It all depends on what your goals are, how much time you’re committing to workout, what injuries (if any) you might have, and more.

But there some generalities that can be applied in order to answer the question as simply as possible. Watch the video below to learn more:

Also be sure not to quit before you’re really ready. Our minds always want to quit way before our bodies do. Stick with it and earn those results!

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June 24, 2018

The way we talk to ourselves in our minds has a big impact on our thoughts, our behaviors, and ultimately our results. When we change our negative thinking into more positive thought patterns, it becomes easier to change our behaviors and our outcomes.

Look, I get it. I know it can seem silly, but have you tried it? You don’t have to do the Stuart Smalley speech, and you don’t have to sit in front of a mirror to do it.

But here’s the truth… if you don’t believe you can change, you’re right. If you DO believe you can change, you’re right.

If saying things like “I CAN lose this weight,” or “I AM going to succeed,” feels like a stretch and you’re not sure you can believe that yet, take smaller steps. So instead, start with “I choose to believe I can lose this weight,” and “I choose to believe I can succeed.” Then gradually make bigger and bolder statements.

Give this a shot. Don’t knock it until you try it. After all, what have you got to lose??

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