Testosterone Replacement Therapy..Mark Tittle’s Success with Pics

March 20, 2021by TonyaTittle

Being in the Fitness industry for over 30 years I’ve seen many people struggle and become very frustrated with their ability to lose weight. Many barriers exist that we can either decide to take action against to discover success or just keep blaming genetics, laziness or a half-baked poke at nutrition and fitness without a set program.

My husband, Mark Tittle and I got married in 1999. Just to give you a little background, we met April 1997 and shortly after I saw him at the pool without a shirt. At the time was 5’11 and about 189 pounds. He had what I considered to be a belly with excess fat around the middle. Don’t think I’m being mean when I say that, as he knew he had one and had always struggled with it. He did what many people do when they are young and carefree without kids or pets. He went out with friends staying out late, drank alcohol 3-4 days each week. He did and has always worked out 4-6 days per week, two or three days with weight training and other days walking, mountain biking and an occasional fitness group class, swimming, tennis or yoga. Back then his diet was okay most weekdays Sunday-Wednesday but when Thursday rolled around it was time to unwind/de-stress with friends, food, beverage and lack of proper sleep. Over the years he did what many a married people do or just most Americans, gain weight and get frustrated his efforts weren’t paying off in loss. I asked him to write his testimony below so as to inform and inspire others that may be interested or considering Testosterone replacement therapy. He said that he would give me the information but in no means he is endorsing for everyone across the board and doesn’t want to answer questions on it. Those that know Mark may know he is a big picture guy and hates details. He in fact glazes over when someone is being too wordy. I should know because I love to give details so I see that face and body posture all the time making me speed up or summarize so as not to lose his attention (lol).

Mark Tittle’s Testosterone Replacement Therapy Success Story to Date:
(for ease of reading-no italics)

In April 2013 my total testosterone lab values were below ‘normal’ and I was concerned about possible
metabolic syndrome as well as other subpar health indicators i.e. Blood pressure, cholesterol. My
energy levels and libido were declining.

I read everything I could online to better understand the science and how typical protocols were

My first experience was not what I was expecting and after several months I stopped therapy. I felt
lousy, bloated, and grumpy and my face was red. I was gaining weight not trimming down.

Fast forward 5 years to March 2018 when I began TRT for the second time. Things were still less than
optimal, I was lethargic. My journal reads that I felt “old, tired and uninspired”

Once again I read everything I could find as it relates to different protocols, pitfalls etc. Its trial and error.
No one solution or protocol fits everyone. Getting blood draws monthly at first really helped me to fine
tune what my body needed and how it was responding.

FINALLY….It’s been about 3 years now and my protocol is pretty well set.

For visual proof he even wanted to provide you with before and after pictures. Shared with Mark’s willingness and permission.

  • I self-inject my testosterone
  •  every 3 days and do add a small amount of an aromatase inhibitor to keep my estrogen in check as needed.
  • I feel great and everything just seems to work better.
  • I continue to gain or maintain strength at the gym and my body fat percentage continues to drop.
  • After an initial weight gain of a
    bout 20 lbs up to 218, I had to make some corrections.
  • This morning I weighed 187, I’m around 15% body fat, my blood pressure is normal and my cholesterol and other markers stay in range.
    TRT, for me, works more synergistically or is a catalyst for better health rather than a panacea.


  • I have more energy now to lift weights and do my daily cardio.
  • To ensure that I gain full benefits from my work-outs I eat clean, healthy foods on plan and on schedule.
  • To make sure that I have the mental and physical capacity to earn a living and stay fit I make sure that I get enough quality sleep.

It all works hand in hand!

Without a doubt, my quality of life was improved by supplementing with testosterone but it’s not a ‘plug
and play’ solution. I hope that this was helpful and provides some additional information with which to begin to take
action. Best wishes! Mark Tittle, age 54

Hopefully this was at least a glimpse into something you many research a bit more and find the best practitioner(s) to meet your need. I’m not a fan of those walk in Men’s Health clinic that just boost your testosterone up to max levels and don’t monitor other aspects.

When Mark spoke of clean eating above, I will vouch that he really does do this 98% of the time and ditched alcohol. Mark has not drank even a sip of alcohol for over 6 months and counting. I wish more people would give this up and swim against the stream of society that glamourizes drinking. Are you constantly trying to improve yourself either mentally, spiritually, financially, or physically? If not, why?

Be the BEST YOU that YOU CAN BE and show the world kindness and confidence! 

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