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February 27, 2021

As a personal trainer with Energy Fitness and now massage therapist in training (just have to take licensing exam now, then I’ll be official ;)) There are lots of you that don’t realize how you might need strengthen your inner thigh muscles. Did you know that when you stand on one leg to balance while say putting on your undergarments or pants, shorts, skirts that a large strap muscle called the sartorius assists in the feat?

Check out the three variations of inner ball exercises from the videos below and go for 1-3 sets of 50-100 reps. Newbies, it’s gonna start burning. If you must, take a five second break and press on.

Let’s be honest you guys need this exercise also as you have the same muscles as women. Having week inner or outer thigh muscles can make you use compensatory walking patterns which can lead to hip, knee or low back pain due to the imbalance.

The exercises pictured below all have the knees bent (hip flexed) so try this next suggestion also. While getting in position for IT2 exercise lift your butt up into a bridge up as you push though your heels and engage your butt while doing. While the ball is in between your knees and you are in bridge up go for the 50-100 reps. Different muscles are now engaged and remember it’s all about muscle balance. Don’t forget to breathe!


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November 27, 2020

Over and over again at Energy Fitness we have prospective clients as well as active clients tell us they need accountability for fitness and nutrition. Think about it, only fifteen percent of the population are regular exercisers which is defined at exercising three times per week minimum of 30 minutes. American College of Sports Medicine guidelines states that  healthy adults aged 18-65 yr should participate in moderate intensity aerobic physical activity for a minimum of 30 min on five days per week, or vigorous intensity aerobic activity for a minimum of 20 min on three days per week. Be honest, how often do you regularly do these guidelines?

Did you know that having a workout buddy or hiring a trainer you are 7 x more likely to stay on track and make it happen? Here are a few reasons that adding that accountability can be useful:

  • fun
  • safer
  • variety
  • a break from life
  • someone to celebrate with
  • friendly competition

Here’s a look inside a fitness minded family
in hopes of inspiring you!

For this post I’m mixing in all the reasons to either exercise with a buddy or hire a trainer. Thanksgiving this year 2020 (The year of Zoomsgiving!) our family had a family dinner consisting of two adults and two boys grades 9th and 5th. The 9th grader, Laken said the day before “I think we need to go to a bike park Friday because I’m gonna have thousands of calories on Thanksgiving and need to work it off!

Well about two hours after lunch the adults insisted on a casual bike ride.on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I suggested the family see a fitness park I discovered a few weeks ago. Turns out we got competitive as usual as well a making it fun and thought we would show you and maybe inspire you as well. We all celebrated the fun feats of strength and endurance we could do at a local fitness park called Chris and Kelly’s Hope Fitness Park  in Travelers Rest, SC. If you live in Memphis I have seen one of these parks over near Leftwich tennis center and right next to The Links at Audubon golf course, it’s called Fitness Zone (pic below). These types of parks are great as they have different stations in which you can use your own body weight as resistance.

I tried the lat pull down machine then started showing off and did it one handed.Fyi.. I already ran and lifted that morning and now back at it again as I had more desserts than needed!

Laken, our 6 ft 135 lb 9th grader got on the Chest Press before me and said it didn’t work. Well Mama had to get on and show him how it’s done and that it was indeed working. I was pleased to do it considering I don’t typically bench press or leverage my own body weight of 124. As you can see it was hard and I squeezed out 2 reps. Mark, my husband got on it and was killing it, likely this will be his new favorite extra weight day activity on a weekend bike ride to challenge himself.

Then we moved onto the monkey bars and more feats. We had a family competition all starting at the same time who had the best grip strength holding their bodyweight whilst hanging. Laken thought for sure he would be the winner but alas I outlasted then and finally stopped at just over 90 seconds. I had cycling gloves on in which Laken said, no fair she’s got gloves on. A rematch likely to occur! I will still beat him as he doesn’t know in college I outlasted everyone in my class including the men in a flexed arm hang competition. The kids think their parents are old and they will win at all fitness feats so I decided to show off a little flexibility as well.

After the park we passed by a small asphalt track in which the competition still continued. Oliver has been bragging for weeks that he can beat me in a foot race. Well, he is right both kids beat me in the sprint. Then I challenged him to a lap and he said you have more endurance you will beat me. Laken won fastest .13 of a mile while I was second at a 6:47 pace and Oliver was in the dust.






Then it was time to cycle home with nature and feelings of accomplishment and joy for great family time and gratitude for good health! We have a new puppy so upon return it was her turn to get some exercise and go for a short walk. She simply refuses to walk and just lays down in protest. What!!!! Doesn’t she know she’s part of a fitness family. We gotta work on this as it’s simply not acceptable. So when I mention Canine for accountability in the title of this blog post you may wish to make sure the dog you get if your goal is to be more active will be a breed that helps you stay accountable and likes to go on walks or runs!


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September 18, 2020

Have you heard the buzz the last few years about the benefits of infrared saunas? They are so popular that there are increasingly more options available to the public. Boutique day sauna’s are now available and sessions can be purchased individually, packages or monthly unlimited memberships. The main types are wood burning, electrically heated, infrared and steam room.

Spas are of special interest to me as my hometown is Hot Springs, Arkansas which is home of BathHouse Row as well as Mountain Valley mineral water. Buckstaff Baths is still in operation today. I recommend the Whirlpool mineral Bath package for a mere $38 which includes: Whirlpool Mineral Bath(20-minute tub bath with whirlpool at a maximum temperature of 102 degrees).This bath package includes, hot packs, sitz bath, vapor cabinet (pic below where just your head sticks out-awesome and so old school), needle shower (doesn’t hurt), and whirlpool turned on in your tub.

Sorry, I was getting carried away with memories of my past bath experiences at Buckstaff.

The focus of this article is mainly to bring to your attention the benefits of an infrared sauna and the options available for infrared saunas at home (portable units). Portable Infrared Saunas are becoming alarmingly alluring to the public – and, for a good reason. They offer an array of healing benefits for both the mind and the body. Sweating has long been used as therapy. The Mayans use sweat houses 3000 years ago. In Finland, saunas have been used for thousands of years, and 1 in 3 Finns still use them. In the United States (U.S.), there are thought to be over a million saunas. A regular dry heat sauna is typically a room heated to between 158° to 212° Fahrenheit.Traditional Finnish saunas usually use dry heat, with a relative humidity that is often between 10 and 20 percent. In other sauna types, the moisture is higher. Turkish-style saunas, for example, involve a greater level of humidity.

Is this a fad or will it stay around for a bit? Who knows as many people thought spinning was going to be a fad and almost 25 years later it’s still around, In fact, the demand of the Peleton bike is such that customers often wait 6 weeks for delivery or more.

Then of course you have some businesses take it to the next level and offer 24 hours a day access and/or combine exercise in the infrared saunas via virtual instruction like weight exercises, body weight exercises, band exercises, core, barre, treadmill, kickboxing, cycling, rowing, or yoga. Me, no way I would want to exercise in this environment! The selling point for the exercise infrared saunas is that the you receive the benefits of infrared heat absorption, while completing a 30-minute isometric (yoga / pilates) workout or 15-min High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session for some businesses or a 30 minute circuit for other business models and some with heart rate monitoring. As the infrared heat penetrates your body causing you to sweat, the isometric postures further accelerate detoxification by physically removing the toxins from your organs through muscle contraction. By the way massage and exercise not in a heated room also has the ability to detoxify your body via sweat and muscle pumping contraction.

The main benefits for infrared saunas are as follows:

  • Increases in cellular metabolism, blood circulation, tissue oxygenation and collagen production
  • Production of inflammatory mediators that reduce cellular inflammation
  • Production of growth factors that assist cellular regeneration
  • Increased cellular and tissue growth
  • Activation of anti-aging systems (when we repair both the DNA architecture and the gene transcription systems, we are restoring the optimal Epigenetic state of the cell. When we test clients biomarkers with our BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) machine I am often telling client that the machine also measures Phase Angle which is the overall health of the cells. We want our cells to be like grapes not raisins!
  • Other more laymen terms for results are relaxation, stress relief, anxiety and depression relief, better sleep, detoxification

KEEP IN MIND……………A sauna may not be suitable for everyone. Check contraindications before using.

What is the Ideal For Infrared Sauna Temperature?

An ideal temperature is between 110-130 degrees. However, it depends on what you want to accomplish. In an infrared sauna, you will have a better detoxification at lower temperatures and you will sweat more at higher settings.

Remember that infrared is what heals, not sweating (which is what marketing sells). What is important is getting as much infrared as possible.

According to one blog post I read as part of my research for this post, ‘If you set your control panel at too low of a temperature and wait to enter until it has reached the desired reading, the heaters will short cycle off and on and you do not fully benefit from the infrared. This is one of the most misunderstood aspects of infrared sauna use”.

You want the heating elements to be on and delivering infrared the entire time, regardless of the temperature setting. So ideally you want to set the temperature at a higher level around 140. Then you can enter the sauna when it reaches 110 or 115.

Using an infrared sauna at the lower temperatures of 110-125 degrees results in a sticker, more fat-laden sweat and less electrolyte loss. In fact the sweat from an infrared sauna session is comprised of up to 20% toxins compared to only 3% toxins in the sweat produced in a high temp steam unit. This is a main reason it is the better choice for detox purposes.Some users report beginning the session at a low 110-125 degrees for the first 20 minutes and then raising the desired temperature to around 135 to produce a more profuse sweat for the final 10 minutes.

So What’s Best Temp for an Infrared Sauna?

According to someone praising the benefits of the brand Heavenly Heath if you are a beginner or not in great health then 100 degrees or less until you get use to the heat. For most others set the control panel to at least 130 degrees. A setting above 140 is even better. Begin your session when it is between 100-115 degrees. This brand has a ceiling vent.

Should I invest in one for my home?

One of our clients which is totally immersed into holistic and natural care in so many areas of her life showed me her infrared sauna in which she keeps in her walk in attic.

Here’s what she had to say about her “I have not been sick, it relieves stress and detoxes the body really well!” Kathy Y. She has the Luminati Sauna model from (It’s an investment for sure and it has a Lifetime warranty!) They have payment plans available as well.

Another client Energy Fitness has trained for many years is a nurse and mother of two grade school children. She recently shared that her new guilty pleasure is a membership to Hot Works and sometimes she goes twice a week. It makes her feel calmer and more zen. She does some Yoga but many times just lays down and soaks up the heat and rays. This is a great mind calmer for those with overactive brains and thought patterns.

Here’s an image from website.










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May 2, 2020

At Energy Fitness personal training studio not only do we do personal training and massage therapy we also do nutrition coaching, meal plans and supplement recommendations. In early March when I went to pick up a marketing banner at The Mail Center in Memphis, the owner Mark asked me what supplements I would recommend for this virus going around as one of his customers said Selenium. At the time didn’t have a quick answer for him as someones supplement recommendations has many factors to consider.

Since we are all so different in our nutritional lifestyles, activity level, genetics and stress levels the recommendation we make for supplements is customized after having a conversation with you on all these factors.

What does selenium do?

Selenium is an essential mineral, meaning it must be obtained through your diet. Your body relies on selenium, an important mineral, for many of its basic functions, from reproduction to fighting infection. It’s only needed in small amounts but plays a major role in important processes in your body, including your metabolism and thyroid function.

The amount of selenium in different foods depends on the amount of selenium in the soil where the food was grown. Rain, evaporation, pesticides, and pH levels can all affect selenium levels in soil. That makes selenium deficiency more common in certain parts of the world, though it’s relatively rare in the United States. As you already know the United States is the perfect environment to create obesity and heart disease with the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) that includes too many processed foods and sugar.

Selenium acts as an antioxidant, may reduce risk of certain cancers, may prevent heart disease and mental decline, boost your immune system, reduce asthma symptoms,

Regardless of where you live, certain factors can make it harder for your body to absorb selenium. For example, you may have difficulty absorbing selenium if you are receiving dialysis, living with HIV, have a gastrointestinal condition such as Crohn’s disease, Graves disease or hypothyroidism.

An international team of researchers, led by Professor Margaret Rayman at the University of Surrey, has identified a link between the COVID-19 cure rate and regional selenium status in China.Publishing their findings in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers using data (up to 18 February), investigated possible links between selenium levels in the body and cure or death rates of those with the COVID-19 virus in China. Here’s a link to that Science Daily article.

How much selenium do I need daily?

Age Recommended daily amount of selenium
Over 14 years 55 mcg
9 to 13 years 40 mcg
4 to 8 years 30 mcg
7 months to 3 years 20 mcg
Birth to 6 months 15 mcg

Foods that contain selenium
How many of these do you or will you add to your diet?

Brazil Nuts – 1 oz/6-8 nuts = 544 mcg (great but not great if you are trying to reduce your fat and calorie intake)
Fish – yellowfin tuna – 3 oz = 92 mcg and sardines, oysters, clams, halibut, shrimp, salmon, and crab, which contain amounts between 40 and 65 mcg.
Ham – 3 oz = 42 mcg (be prepared to pay more for pork as prices will likely go up due to covid complications of processing and likely culling of almost 1.5 million pigs sadly)
Beef / Chicken / Turkey / 20-30 mcg per serving
Brown Rice – 1 cup = 19 mcg of selenium
1 Hard Boiled egg = 20 mcg
Sunflower seeds – 1/4 cup = 19 mcg
Mushrooms- 100 grams = 12 mcg
Oatmeal- 1 cup = 13 mcg
Frozen cooked spinach–  1 cup = 11 mcg
Milk & Yogurt – 1 cup = 8 mcg
Lentils – 1 cup = 6 mcg

Because many of us get into habits and eat the same foods because they are easy or because you just get stuck in a “I don’t know what else to eat!” rut we may not be getting enough variety in our diet causing vitamin or mineral imbalances. If you aren’t getting enough selenium in your diet or other nutrients that your body may need then consider either a source supplement or a generalized multi-vitamin or multi-mineral supplement. Supplement simply means giving your body what it needs from an outside source. Keep in mind that for fat soluble vitamins like vitamins A,D,E and K these should be taken with a little bit of fat to help increase their potential for good in your body.

You may wish to consider the following brands for your selenium or multi-vitamin/mineral needs:

M’Lis:This is the same company we use for our detox body wraps and some clients have used for detox program.

Metagenics: We have a practitioner as a sponsor to have these amazing science based products.

M’Lis Vital – Block out the ickies and bust up the yucks. Vitamin C, astaxanthin, ginkgo biloba and a handful of other synergizing herbs provide your skin and body with an outside defense from germs that may get you feeling (and looking) down.

When you’re on the M’Lis website check out their supplement called daily for a multi.

Metagenics – E-400 Selenium™ – provides the essential trace mineral selenium and natural-source vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps protect tissues from damage caused by free radicals. Metagenics has a great multi called Phytomulti with or without iron, while you are on the site, check it out.










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We are working on a reopening plan to have you back onsite training soon or starting with us for the first time for personal training, nutrition coaching and massage therapy.

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Here’s what Energy Fitness is offering online NOW…and maybe as a continued service in the future since it’s been such a helpful service and a hit for individuals seeking professional fitness advice.
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January 11, 2020

As a personal trainer and avid athlete across many sports I really enjoy the benefits of strong and tone arms. Many times at Energy Fitness personal training studio Downtown Memphis we get phone calls of clients stating they want to work on their arm strength and have toned arms. I have included in this post 3 bicep exercises. One exercise with a cable that is available in most gyms or fitness facilities, one with a resistance band and lastly one with a dumbbell.

This one is great as facing away from the stack you are less likely to cheat or round the shoulder forward. Try 2 sets of 8 heavy and do negative or try 2 sets of 10-12 reps at count of 4 (2 seconds up and 2-4 seconds on the down motion). Keep the shoulder blades back in their pockets and assume good posture and breathing throughout the whole exercise.

1 Arm Bicep curl – pictured with a resistance loop. Can also be performed with a band with two handles stepped on with both feet so you can do a double bicep curl. With bands typically you will want to do more reps. Try 2 sets of 20 reps resting 1 minute in between sets.


The first two bicep curls are in the supinated position (where your forearm is rotated in the palm up position). This works on the short head of the bicep which is the muscle that pops. You also need to work on the second head of the biceps (hence bi in the word bicep) so you can have muscular balance and all around definition. Be sure to not rotate the shoulder forward. One tip is to keep your elbow in the meaty part of the leg, specifically the vastus medialis and press your leg in towards your elbow as you curl the weight to the top position. Be sure to breathe and go at an even pace. If you are going heavier then use the other arm to slightly help get the weight in the up position and let go and use the muscle in the down position. Notice the position of my hand-this is called a DB hammer curl. Try 2 sets of 10-12 or go heavy and assist with the other arm for 2 sets of 8 reps.



Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM, TPI Level 1 Certified, Rock Tape, Rock Pods (cupping therapy), FMT Basic, Metagenics FLT
Owner/Dir. of Training, Energy Fitness (established 2002)

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We also have all natural spray tanning, facials & KT/Rock Tape taping, Rock Pods (myofacial release). 




August 14, 2019

Energy Fitness loved recently hosting and attending Rock Tape FMT (Functional Movement Techniques) Basic & Performance Certification in our personal training studio Downtown Memphis. The instructor showed a very poplar video calledThe Fuzz Speech”. If ever there was proof that you need to stretch and move your body this is the evidence.

This 5 min. video is both educational & entertaining and a must see. Dr. Gil Hedley makes complex facts seem simple with quick views of what happens under our skin and muscles when we don’t move our bodies everyday. I know I don’t want to have “the old person stiff walk/waddle now or later in life”..How about you? What lies below our skin between layers of fascia is what he likes to call the Fuzz. I’ve heard students clamor at the chance to take or attend one of his human anatomy lab classes. During my Advanced Kinesiology Lab at grad school I studied on a human cadaver. At first it was creepy but then became really fascinating.

If you have read any of our blog posts or trained with us then you know our holistic approach to health & wellness. We love to geek out by teaching and inspiring individuals on many layers and modalities ranging from better self-care to extreme self care routines with our personal training, nutrition & supplement coaching, massage therapy and detox wraps. If you stretch, use a foam roller or get body work-this video will help make sense of it all for you.

No one is gonna force food into or out of your mouth or physically grab your limbs and move the weights or cardio modes for you!

You have to be proactive and make healthy habits
happen stick or for this post about fuzz…Unstick!

MOVE YOUR BODY…We can help with Personal Training & Massage Therapy



Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM, TPI Level 1 Certified
Owner/Dir. of Training, Energy Fitness (established 2002)

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July 4, 2019

Energy Fitness personal training studio in Memphis is more than just a training and nutrition coaching studio. We are about helping clients feel and look their best. We asked our Massage Therapist Mae Jensen, LMT to do this post on facial rolling and massage so you can be in the know and put your best face forward. These little inexpensive tools can be a great addition to your body and skincare routine. In early May if you live in the Memphis area you are very aware of the Tennessee snow (cottonwood) in the air and undoubtedly feel or have felt the toll it takes on your sinuses.

Let’s take a minute to talk about facial massage and our lymphatic system

The lymph system is kind of like the trash collector of our body, gathering up toxins and taking them to removal sites, our kidneys/liver and urinary system. Unlike our cardiovascular system there aren’t any valves or pumps to move things along so sometimes things stay stagnant. Did you know that weight lifting naturally helps to stimulate the lymphatic system? Massage offers benefits by using light pressure and rolling motions thus helping flush out the pipes and get rid of the symptoms of a backed up lymph system such as:

  • fluid retention

  • puffy/red eyes

  • breakouts

Here are two tools that you might want in your facial care toolbox! Left is Jade roller. Right is Rose Quartz Acupoint Tool Set. (click on images to see on Amazon)

So how do we start?

1. Apply an oil or lotion to you face to help reduce friction, you can use an SPF lotion in the morning and a nice collagen or vitamin E oil in the evenings to help protect from sun damage and wrinkles.
2. Using your fingers or a Jade roller start at your inner cheeks, by your nose and stroke towards your ears. Most skin care professionals suggest doing each motion 10 times or for one minute
3. Move on to the forehead next, starting at your eyebrows and moving upwards to your hairline then sweep outwards at the top, repeating 10 times or for 1 minute. (I like to additionally roll the eyebrows because all those moments furrowing at the kids to do chores seem to tighten this muscle creating deeper forehead lines. Tonya) 
4. Next starting at the center of your chin move outwards and up along the jaw to help naturally lift the skin, repeating 10 times or for 1 minute. (I like to additionally roll the jaw muscle to alleviate any TMJ tension, Tonya)
5. Once you’ve finished the face its time to move all the drainage to your main lymph nodes. Locate the jawline, at the end of the jawbone use gentle downward strokes moving to the mid collarbones, taking care not to massage your carotid artery.
6. Finish off by gentling tapping all over your face, like you’re playing a piano to stimulate you skin and wake up the lymph system.Image result for facial rolling map

Take this time to really connect and thank your body for the protection it offers us.

Don’t forget we offer an amazing facial upgrade to any of our massage services with Mae using the all natural products from the M’lis skin care line.

The M’Lis face wash wakes your skin with natural caffeine from green tea, followed by an invigorating exfoliation with apricot seeds, we then tone and tighten with natural collagen and clay mask. Lastly we give your skin a deep moisture treatment using Apple stem cells and a cool jade stone roller to seal and protect your pores. Be on the lookout for some amazing new skin care products coming this summer. We’re all about natural products!

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June 9, 2019

Our personal trainers at Energy Fitness downtown Memphis have had countless conversations with clients about hunger, meal planning and making better nutritional choices more consistently. Many actually admit that they are emotional eaters and don’t know how to stop. Do you know those super annoying people (uhh…I’ve been accused of being one) that say they eat for fuel and stay in the healthy zone 80% of the time with little or no effort? You also probably know those people that cave to cravings, food pushers or yo yo dieters that “feel they’ve worked hard..been good and deserve something not on a supportive eating plan”. You may even be one yourself. Eating when not actually hungry is called hedonic eating? Aside from caloric intake and hormonal imbalance obesity and overeating can also result from eating that is not driven by hunger. Recent research found that excess food intake is largely driven by the palatability of food and the pleasure derived from eating.

Lot’s of busy, bored or stressed individuals regardless of socioeconomic, gender, religion or willpower perceive what feels like physical hunger when is not that at all. Instead it may be emotional or spiritual hunger, such as a need for affection, affirmation, understanding, competency, accomplishment, or a deeper connection. Or maybe what first seems like hunger is even something else, such as anger, loneliness or tiredness. A tool called HALT can help you reclaim your brain/body connections.




  1. Pause for a moment.
  2. Ask if you're feeling hungry, or is it anger, loneliness, or tiredness (HALT?)
  3. Go deeper: Is there something I need or want that I am not getting, in this moment?

By recognizing the signals that your body gives you, you can prevent the loss of appetite regulation, hedonic eating, chronic overfeeding, and a rising set point weight. Not every pang of hunger needs to be treated with food. 

You’re not going to starve by missing a meal or a snack. There will be another meal. Tuning in to and discerning the messages you get from your body about hunger can help you shift to a place of balance between the left and right hemispheres, and develop a more peaceful and satisfying relations with food, brain, body and a set point. (Brain Body Diet, Sara Gottfried, M.D.)

Have you heard of Pink Cloud Syndrome?

My husband Mark recently heard and told me about something called the pink cloud syndrome as relates to weight quitting alcohol or drugs and can be applied to weight loss as well. An addiction can be many things which is simply called your drug of choice: food, drugs, shopping, alcohol, work, exercise, social media. In addiction recovery, the “pink cloud” is a term used to describe a high-on-life feeling in one’s journey to recovery. The Pink Cloud Syndrome is a curious but often short-lived phenomenon. Many people, after detoxing, feel too good about their recovery, as they’re finally able to see the real world behind a curtain of pills, drinks, and needles. An addict’s life is a roller coaster of emotions, and emotions are what trigger an addiction in the first place. Like any roller coaster, it’s not possible to stay joyful and delusional all the time: eventually, you’ll come closer to the ground, and that can bring too much disappointment to handle. The real world and all the problems that you are still facing can hit you, and that can be the first step to relapse. Many people in early recovery think that they’ll never face any pain and that they are cured. Addicts can feel too confident and may start to believe that the key to recovery is only in their hands: they forget that recovery is a long process, and not an on-off switch.(

In Summary

Simply being aware is at least the first step in the right direction toward your best body and brain. You’ve heard it a million times and here it is again. Mindfulness and tuning in to your body and it’s signals it gives you can bring you in line with optimal health. ONLY YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT GOES INTO YOUR MOUTH! REGAIN CONTROL!!! Have you tried journaling your feelings as you progress through your journey to lose weight, tone up, train for a race, or put on weight? Before and After pictures are only one piece of the puzzle the other is what’s in your mind and journaling may be just the insight you need to stop self sabotaging.

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May 19, 2019

Energy Fitness Downtown Memphis loves it when clients follow our advice and implement lifestyle changes. This client contacted us for Nutrition Coaching and then later for Personal Training advice. Rob Clark may have what most would consider a stressful job, Chief Government Affairs Officer of St. Jude and he doesn’t make excuses for finding times during the week to get in exercise. We coach individuals to empower themselves to commit to eating healthier and moving more efficient in their exercise programs.

In his video testimonial below Rob discusses since childhood how he has had a condition called Ankylosing spondylitis (pronounced ank-kih-low-sing spon-dill-eye-tiss), or AS, is a form of arthritis that primarily affects the spine, although other joints can become involved. It causes inflammation of the spinal joints (vertebrae) that can lead to severe, chronic pain and discomfort. He has always known that keeping active helps the symptoms.

Be sure to scroll down for before/after pics and videos

Rob decided he wanted to tap the breaks on poor nutrition choices and make healthier and more considerable lasting lifestyle changes. He is already very active on his own doing strength training circuit classes at the Y twice a week and running a few other times a week but he just wasn’t getting results he wanted. He contacted Energy Fitness to be prescribed the most effective exercises, stretches and meal plan(s) for his body. We initially did Nutrition Coaching and didn’t take pictures but after 6 months of Nutrition Coaching he wanted to again take it to the next level. He purchased a few private personal training sessions which is why we have the pictures dated October. We also did the Titlest Performance Institute Level 1 Functional Screen as he wanted his golf game better. This screen revealed most helpful limited range of motions in his body which was helpful in creating the best program for his goals.

We are sharing in this post his assessment numbers hopefully to inspire you to make a change and inspire you to create better habits. We now take pics even for clients that just get Nutrition Coaching with us. Pictures help us track alignment and posture as well as body weight changes.

Specifics to his exercise programming:

We focused on exercises that were going to tilt his pelvis under to provide a posterior tilt and better his range of motion and hip hinging. We gave him plies (sumo squats), Stationary Lunging back, 1 leg dead lift and specific ab/core exercises that are the same ones we prescribe to clients that have diastasis recti (a separating of the abdominal wall ) which isn’t only applicable to women post baby. Many men have this and are doing the wrong exercises to flatten and strengthen the abs.

Rob Clark’s results

April 12, 2018 to May 2, 2019 (age 57, height 5’11)

  • Went from 207 to 180.5 LOST 26.5 LBS (4.5 pounds from original goal)
  • Lost 4.75 inches (notice this number is not as high as others which is acceptable as he gained muscle and lost body fat) Abdoment was 38.25 now 36.5
  • Body Fat -went from 28.2% to 18.7% LOST 9.5% (abdomen fat in millimeters went from 43 to 28 and illium/love handles went from 23 to 12, back went from 28 to 17. Where each of us holds fat reveals a cascade of hormonal, insulin, carb intolerance, etc about what’s happening in our body.
  • Flexibility (modified sit and reach test) – went from 1 to 2.5 THAT’S 150% IMPROVEMENT in hip hinge movement)



We are still tracking Rob as he calls us for follow up assessments and continued coaching. We’re so proud of your results Rob and look forward to your continued success. Thanks for allowing us to share your story.

Live in the Memphis area and need to be inspired to get into your best shape or eat healthier and don’t know where to start?


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March 1, 2019

Here at Energy Fitness, Downtown Memphis we want to see you reach your goals! Tonya has put together a six day meal plan bundle that is sure to give you results, and not only that, she was kind enough to gather some of the items for you!

Besides being told what you need to eat day by day there are many items included in a kit plus a grocery list on a card for the remaining items that you can take with you to the store. This is meal planing made simple. We did this because often giving food guidance in terms of not only the types of food and portion sizes meal timing is a very critical aspect of nourishing your body and knowing when and how to pair foods. Tonya took into considering food combining and glycemic index, fiber, protein, fat and more nutrition science.

WHAT’S INCLUDED (*Limited Supply* ONLY 4 LEFT!)

  • 1 lb. Vegan Protein for breakfast shakes
  • 6 VEGA snack bars for your afternoon snack
  • 2 cartons Pacific Creamy Tomato Soup
  • 2 pouches Bumble Bee Light Tuna
  • 3 pouches 0% Fat Salad Dressing
  • 3 snack size pouches of Almonds
  • 2 Skinny Pop
  • 1 tape measure to track your results
  • 1 water cup
  • 1 Stretching Strap with institutional card
  • 6 now detox tea bags
  • Grocery List
  • Meal plan

The GET SERIOUS SIX DAY MEAL PLAN is only $85.00 plus tax.

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