Overcoming Psychological Barriers of Exercising

September 16, 2010by TonyaTittle

Tonya Tittle of Energy Fitness in downtown Memphis asks today:

“What do you hate more- your fat or the cardio machine?”

We’ve all been there before- you know you need to get to the gym, but that little voice in the back of your head is whispering, “You can just do it tomorrow!” Sure, you can listen to that voice, but it’s not going to stop if you keep sitting around! Sometimes you may hate getting on that treadmill, but I bet you’d hate even more the weight you’d gain if you stayed home. Want some more tips to finally make that little voice shut up?

  • Bring a friend along. Studies show that working out with a partner or in a group setting releases even more endorphins than working out solo. Also, you’re 7 times more likely to be successful reaching your goals!
  • Remind yourself how far you’ve come. Post your “before” picture somewhere visible.
  • Remind yourself of the reasons you’re exercising in the first place. Write them out and post them up next to your “before” shot. Having your motivation in plain sight eliminates excuses!

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