Energy Fitness trainer asks How much is your Grocery Budget?

March 19, 2012by TonyaTittle

At Energy Fitness here in Memphis, Personal Trainer Tonya Tittle is always looking for ways to make her clients think about how their diet effects their weight loss efforts. Part of this is by thinking about your monthly grocery expenses. Have you ever added up your monthly grocery bill to see where exactly your money is going towards keeping you fueled?

Tonya Tittle and her family started tracking expenses with a budgeting software and saw it as a real eye opener. They don’t eat out very often but have a separate line item for “entertainment” (about $50-75 per month) for this expense. They quickly began to realize that $800 for a family of 2 adults and 2 growing boys was what they couldn’t go over or under. Then Tonya one day took it one step further and happened to have most of one months grocery receipts in her pocketbook and decided to see in detail how it broke down by food category.

Here are the results….

  • Veggies $200
  • Fruit $65
  • Meat $75
  • Nuts $40
  • Eggs $75
  • Milk $70
  • other $225 (processed foods…cereal, pasta, snacks, etc)

This was a real eye opener to the Tittle family and so much so that she wrote it down to blog and share with you. She really wants You to think about how you are investing in your health by taking a closer look at what you are spending towards healthy foods and how much are you you spending on unhealthy/quick foods?

It’s always so interesting for people to say they can’t afford personal training, gym memberships, fitness clothes, or exercise equipment but if people add up expenses then they can most certainly budget for an exercise program that will reap huge payback!

How much do You or Your family spend on groceries per month?

How much do You spend eating out?

Reply to this post so others can see if their spending is “normal”.

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