Three Planes 3+ Exercises For Strong & Sexy Booty

May 23, 2021by TonyaTittle

I just completed a cec course called Glute Reboot for my ACSM Exercise Physiologist certification. Lots of them were refreshers but then they got technical and in the weeds so I’ll pass on the need to know and broad strokes. One of the instructors worked in Miami as a group fitness instructor. When she first arrived in Miami an individual approached her to say “Let me tell you what we care about for fitness in Miami….flat tummies and big firm butts!”

Men, do you need this post and these exercises too? Yes, as the body doesn’t distinguish from male and female muscle fibers. You need strength in the glutes and supporting muscles to help you lift heavy and correctly without getting hurt.

When talking about developing or keeping a strong and functional backside, we’re talking about more than just the gluteus maximus (the largest butt muscle) as there are other supporting and synergestic muscles that aid in our movement. I coach our clients to move their bodies in different planes. A plane is an invisible way of dividing the body in sections, like front to back, left to right and rotational.

Planes of movement example exercises that get the booty: tranverse, frontal and sagittal:

Sagittal plane: squatting, Lunging, running, walking

Frontal plane: side lunge, outer thigh or lateral movement (side to side), jumping jacks, roller blading

Transverse plane: roman twist, medicine ball throw to side, curtseys, chest press with rotation, paddling and racquet sports

HOW MANY REPS should you do
to build muscle mass and definition?

60% of 1 Rep Max until muscular fatigue. If I tell a client 12 reps and they do 13 and still can still keep going/have more in the tank then they haven’t reached muscular fatigue.

In order for a squat to be done properly an individual needs to have the ability for flexibility in the femur (upper thigh bone) to be able to internally and externally rotate (rotate in/medially or out/laterally). A weakness in this or in the inner thigh muscles or the gluteus medius muscle then optimal glute function will not exist.

The next time you are working out pay attention to how fatigued you really are, or are you just bored and going for a number. Sometimes we have clients do pause sets in which you pick a weight in which you think you can do multiple sets of let’s say 10 reps with a 5 seconds break between them. If you indeed picked the right weight you would maybe only be able to do 1.5 to 2 sets of 10 reps. The goal is to get a set of 10 reps, rest 5 seconds and maybe not be able to get more than 5-7 reps with that short break. Of course these reps should have perfect form.

When a fitness professional like myself or other qualified and trained fitness staff give you exercise suggestions, we are giving you the broad strokes. For those of you that like the science then at the most basic to work the glutes you have to have hip extension, hip adduction, hip abduction and medial and lateral rotation of the femur at the hip ball and socket joint. Don’t forget that there is an concentric contraction (shortening of the muscle) and an eccentric contraction (lengthening of the muscle). In the lowering phase of a lunge the glute is stretching getting ready to load the muscle for explosive or concentric contraction. Any weakness along the chain the spine or other joints take the load leading for possibility of injury.

Here’s a few exercises below in my library. I couldn’t just stop at 3 for those of you that know me:

This is a curtsey or bowler squat with movement in the frontal plane.This exercise also hits the rotational or tranverse plane by medially and laterally rotating the femur especially since there is a balance on one leg component.

Frontal plane movement. This is a kneeling outer thigh…remember to go for fatigue and for this with no weight will likely require higher reps.

Sagittal plane movement: (can be done with a loop band or band anchored to door as well.

Sagittal plane…One leg squat to bench

Tranverse Plane/Rotation..The staggered chop squat is a golden exercise as it get’s multiplanar movements.

This lunge twist can be done without the back knee being on the floor to fire more glutes. The leg is working hard to stabilize and avoid going in or out which can turn off the glutes. I have clients also do this with a band during zoom online training or for an extra at home exercise. Remember…we’re going for fatique and proper form. Breathe!

So the next time you may wish to poke fun or think it’s boring when you see someone working with a band doing different angles and lots of reps you may want to join in or take note. Often times we need a little push to work harder or up your game to get the body you want. Many of you may remember Abel, one of our personal trainers for several years until he moved to Austin. I follow him on social media and recently saw a post he did that included putting a weight plate on his back whilst doing ab roll outs with the wheel. I messaged him thanks for giving me the inspiration to pump up my own ab routine. Next workout was 25 lbs plate and 2 sets of 10 reps (on my knees of course like him, I don’t wish to throw out my back in the pursuit of a great core).

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